Continuum: Minute of Silence review

Continuum is getting to wrap up an excellent third season, and it's corporate intrigue that takes center stage this week.

For two episodes now, the corporate intrigue in Continuum has taken center stage, and Liber8’s blamelessness has marginalized some of our favorite characters. However, the brief glimpses of Lucas in “Minute of Silence” and Garza last week have demonstrated how this shift in tone could blossom into a new audience point of view: one in which we actively seek a partnership between all of the time travelers against the rising Corporate Congress.

As Liber8 escapes scrutiny, though, someone needs to pay, and there’s a bit of a disconnect with the murders from last week – the gas attack and Betty’s death – and the thefts in this episode. The older crimes are being pinned on Greypoint Security tough guy, Neelon, while the high tech thefts this week go largely unsolved. The parkour burglar gives up Neelon, so does that mean Sonmanto, who owns Greypoint, hired the thief as well? Sometimes the labyrinthine company connections leave me scratching my head. It is satisfying, though, to see Dillon use his bad cop act on the actual culprit this time.

You’d think the capture of Betty’s killer would help Carlos’ peace of mind, but apparently he feels compelled to share his biggest secret, Kiera’s increasingly creepy corpse, with Alec, who agrees with him that the interlopers from the other timeline just aren’t the same. Does Carlos realize the effect this will have on the already-damaged boy genius? Nothing good can come of it! Nevertheless, no one could have anticipated that the Piron innovator would attempt a technological shortcut by cutting into dead Kiera’s skull to retrieve her CMR, the implied descendent of Halo. Alec’s integrity has all but vanished!

And where’s Kiera during all this? She’s flirting with a John Doe who awoke from a two-month coma knowing only her name. It becomes abundantly clear that this new character is a time traveler, but I immediately find myself wondering three things. First, when is he from? Second, with whom do his allegiances lie? And third, what will become of the obvious chemistry between him and Kiera? To be honest, I’ve been a bit starved for a romantic interest in this show, especially since the departure of Emily, so I’m a big fan of this new development.

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Another plotline that has unfolded tantalizingly slowly is the re-emergence of Kellog as manipulative weasel. He should have played the non-compete card much earlier, of course, but using it to coerce a seat on the Piron board answerable only to Alec is a master stroke, whether Alec saw right through the charade or not. I can’t wait to see what Kellog does with actual personnel!

Four episodes are left this season, and there are so many questions!

– Who is behind the Freelancer door?- What was the small, black, energy-sapping device found in the safety deposit box?- How did Curtis cheat death?- Why do the Freelancers keep dead bodies?

…and those are just the Freelancer questions! Others abound. What questions do you still have? Discuss your theories in the comments area below!

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4 out of 5