Continuum: 30 Minutes to Air review

Who are we supposed to be rooting for on Continuum? Who cares! The show is brilliant! Here's our review...

Never before in my television viewing – sci-fi or otherwise – have I been so conflicted about where my sympathies lie. In the course of two-and-a-half seasons, Continuum has subtly shifted the audience’s attention away from wanting Kiera to catch the bad guys and get back to her family and towards yearning for her to see the injustice of the future she left. Sure, make Liber8 pay the consequences for all those dead bodies, but let the message get through!

Travis plays a big part in changing my allegiances in this week’s episode, “30 Minutes to Air,” through his actions in the flashback. Knowing he’s about to be captured, he conspires to paint his daughter and her mother as Corporate Congress loyalists in order to protect them. When contrasted with Dillon’s dangerous use of his daughter as a Liber8 infiltrator, albeit a willing one, it’s hard not to want to give Travis a big hug… that is, until I saw the look he gave the poor make-up lady.

Continuum delivers perhaps its most overt social statement of the series this week with Travis’ declaration, “No more talking heads!” A big part of why the show gets away with this type of political posturing is that its message is critical of both the conservative and liberal media. Even poor Nigel, whose platitudes are in line with Liber8’s ideology, gets shot in the leg! And perhaps in season 2, the writers would’ve stopped there. I’m so pleased, though, that the manifesto broadcast is not simply a strategy for winning the hearts and minds of the people but also a smokescreen for taking advantage of knowledge gained in the bank heists two episodes ago. This provides continuity across the season and and a strong underlying mythology to the show.

Continuing in the background is the newly dubbed “Piron Alec” becoming more and more the corporate overlord of 2077, severing ties with Kellog, Kiera, Emily, and his other self. Meanwhile, Alec from one week hence is slowly shedding his “Darth” fan-moniker as his scar heals.  I have to agree with Kellog, though: why does time-traveling Alec not have more of a plan? He saved Emily – now what?

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I’m feeling more positive about Carlos, though, as he takes a leadership role in the hostage situation and accepts Kiera’s praise of his abilities. I don’t expect this good will to last long, but his quick thinking in using Betty to feed Liber8 the necessary satellite codes not only saved a lot of lives; it also won Betty some double agent credibility while sticking it to the evil corporation, Fermitas.

But what about the Freelancers? I’m not sure how to feel about them, but I know I don’t trust them. Curtis wants to partner up with Kiera now that her relationships with Carlos and Alec are crumbling, but Katherine appears dismissive both of Kiera’s suspicion of Curtis and of Liber8’s ability to have any effect on the future the Freelancers supposedly seek to protect. Perhaps the reason for her nonchalance is behind that door with the glowing blue window!

To use a phrase that takes on a whole new meaning when Continuum is involved: “Time will tell!”

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5 out of 5