Continuum: Wasted Minute review

There's not a Wasted Minute in the new Continuum. But who is behind that door?

When all is said and done, I’m with Carlos: “For once Liber8 does something good.” Except we’ve been on this path for awhile now, and “Wasted Minute” makes me wonder if there are any likable characters left besides those in Liber8, who didn’t fire a single shot this week and are giving away Solution 16 antidote for free – FOR FREE! Are we at a turning point in the series where the good guys and the bad are once and for all in reverse positions?

I mean Sonmanto with its weaponized waste is as reprehensible as they come, and the fact that both Kiera and Travis were fooled by the company’s supposed heroics in 2066 makes it that much more despicable. And as corporate as Piron Alec has become, even he is anxious to help Kiera take down these low-lifes (with the help of a team of scientists, of course).

The solution to the mystery of who killed Kiera was a bit anticlimactic, and while the identity of the perpetrator was not entirely surprising, it was somewhat puzzling. Isn’t the first person suspected the last one we expect to end up being the culprit? Surely it couldn’t be that easy! And WHY did Curtis do it? Since we still haven’t gotten an answer to how he’s still alive, I assume there’s more to it than we’ve been told.

Time-traveling Alec’s decision to leave for good with Emily is also hard to swallow. Does he really think he can stay away from the seductive technology he’s so skilled at bending to his will? I can’t even keep from checking my Twitter feed every five minutes! Nevertheless, the decision is no longer in his hands. The heartbreak of Emily and the betrayal of Kiera were like a one-two punch in the gut, and I’m still waiting to inhale.

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But that was the mission, the one thing Kiera was tasked with when she was sent back: stop Alec. And although it appears Katherine was looking for a more permanent solution, the glass cage will have to do. The question is, how much more antagonistic can Kiera become before we stop considering her the show’s hero? That threshold is near.

Speaking of questions and thresholds: who is behind that door? With the mystery of Kiera’s murder solved, a new conundrum presents itself, and the theories are endless. Is it an alternate Escher, Jason, or Julian? Someone else entirely?

Let’s hope this timeline is redeemable! The lyrics from the song near the end of the episode are particularly apt. In “The 400” by Stars, the phrase that rings true is, “It’s got to go right this time.” Can I get an amen?

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4 out of 5