Blindspot Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Episodes, Story, and News

NBC’s formerly-thriving thriller, Blindspot, lands a fifth and final season at NBC.

Blindspot, NBC’s inventive crime drama, appeared to be on the verge of solving its last tattoo case. – At least, that’s what the network’s move of pulling the show from its schedule signalled. However, in a surprising development, NBC has ordered a fifth season of Blindspot, which will serve as its last.

NBC’s renewal for Blindspot season 5 will, at least, allow the series to go out on its own terms, proper ending and all. Blindspot season 4 saw the series continue a slow-but-steady ratings decline, averaging – at the time of the schedule-pull – about 2.8 million viewers; nothing to scoff at, but something that nevertheless left the series with little leverage to argue against cancellation.

Here is everything we know about Blindspot season 5.

Blindspot Season 5 Release Date

Blindspot season 5 does not have a release date yet but it is expected to arrive in mid-2020. Previous seasons of the show have premiered in either September or October. NBC may choose to go with a different timing route for the show’s final season though.

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Blindspot Season 5 Cast

Julee Cerda is joining the cast of Blindspot Season 5 for an undisclosed recurring role, reports Deadline. Cerda just appeared on Showtime miniseries The Loudest Voice, having fielded TV runs on NBC’s Manifest, CBS’s NCIS: New Orleans, Blue Bloods and FBI, as well as roles in Netflix’s Iron Fist and Orange is the New Black, along with Showtime’s Homeland and Billions – just to cite some recent ones. Amongst her film appearances, she played the holographic instructor in the 2016 Chris Pratt/Jennifer Lawrence space drama, Passengers.

Blindspot Season 5 Episodes

While NBC’s confirmed renewal of Blindspot Season 5 did not come with confirmation of its number of episodes, the belief amongst the trades is that the final season will manifest with 13 or less episodes. This would mark a reduction from the show’s usual 22-23 episodes.

Blindspot Season 5 Story

Blindspot, the creation of Martin Gero (Dark MatterStargate: Atlantis), arrived on NBC back in the fall of 2015 as a slick, stylish thriller brandishing the attention-grabbing imagery of star Jaimie Alexander’s Jane Doe emerging naked from a duffel bag as an amnesiac, fully covered below the neck in mysterious tattoos; the source of a circuitous mystery that, for all intents and purposes, played out to its completion by the end of Season 3. Moreover, the “will they or won’t they?” dynamic between Alexander’s Jane and Sullivan Stapleton’s FBI agent, Kurt Weller, has also come to its fruition with their happily ever after marriage, Jane’s recent multiple personality storyline notwithstanding.

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With the series already in decline, last year’s renewal for the fourth season was a surprise in its own right. The show had been fielding the task of carrying on the drama after its main premise has been resolved; essentially treading water as a procedural, though not without its high points, notably the science sibling chemistry between Ashley Johnson’s Patterson and Ennis Esmer’s reformed villain, Rich Dotcom. So it remains to be seen what’s in store for Blindspot season 5 but perhaps there are some mysteries to solve yet.

Blindspot Season 5 Trailer

While lauding the pickup of the final season, Blindspot creator Martin Gero released little a teaser trailer via Instagram.

This article will be continually updated on Blindspot Season 5 as news arrives.

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