Bitten: Prisoner review

Bitten deals with the consequences of last week's wounds, gives us the expected dose of sex, and keeps on keeping on. Here's Mia's review...

Oh man, where to start. I’d like to say OW, but we’ll get to that later. This week’s episode of Bitten is titled “Prisoner”, and for a very good reason! At the end of last episode, we saw The Muscle Mutt, Zach Cain, get thrown into the little cage that resides in the basement of Stonehaven (well, at least I think it does. They haven’t really specified). “Prisoner” picks up right where we left off; with Zach in the cage. The primary reason for holding him captive is to get information out of him, but you can tell that Clay is getting a little more enjoyment out of it than he probably should. And of course, Zach is doing everything but cooperating, even going so far as to change into his wolf form. Because, you know, wolves can’t talk. I will say that’s Clay’s solution for this problem is kind of ingenious, and leave it at that.

Jeremy’s stab wound is almost completely healed, but he’s still getting worse and has an increasingly worrisome fever. With this in mind, the search for answers becomes that much more urgent as it has become obvious that what is keeping Jeremy from getting better is some type of poison. Since Zach is doing everything he can to not talk, Elena goes out to find Groupie Girl and try to get some answers from her, since she’s the one who stabbed Jeremy. When Elena finally gets a hold of Groupie Girl, they end up talking about the fact that G.G. want’s nothing more than for Zach to bite her and turn her into one of them. It’s obvious that she is jealous of Elena since she equates Zach’s reticence to him thinking that Elena is better than her. At the same time, Elena is jealous of G.G. because she sees Zach’s reluctance as deep sense of needing to be overprotective that comes from truly being in love. If you, my lovely readers, recall, Clay supposedly bit Elena because he loved her and wanted to be with her forever. Uh-oh, Clay. I think The Muscle just showed you up. Then again, shouldn’t you be thinking about that guy back in Toronto, Elena? You know… your boyfriend Phillip?

I mentioned in my review of last week’s episode that the depth of Zach’s feelings for Groupie Girl were kind of surprising given that the only emotion we’d seen from him up that point was anger. In the back of my mind I kind of wondered if his feelings for her were true, or if he was playing it up so he could use her. Well, that questions was answered! I won’t give it away but I will say, wow. Good job Zach!Getting back to my initial comment of “ow”, let’s just say that Clay didn’t take Elena’s interpretation of G.G. and The Muscle’s relationship very well. Were those tears for yourself, Clay, or for Zach? If you’re confused, oh dear readers, just watch the episode. You’ll know what I’m referring to as soon as it happens.

And of course, let’s not forget the always present gratuitous sex scene. This week’s stars are Nick and some chick that’s been hanging around him. I’m assuming that the purpose of us seeing this exchange is to express how Nick is dealing with losing his father. Then again, maybe it’s just that the writers have a check list of things that need to happen in each episode and they realized that they had forgotten to add the bump and grind. That would explain why it seemed to be hastily placed at the end of the episode. Though, can I just say; you’re doing it wrong, Nick.

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Eight episodes in to this series, we seem to be headed in a very distinct direction. Even though some of the episodes have been a disappointment in my opinion, I think that I’m liking where they are taking this. I definitely think they did an awesome job with casting and I look forward to further character development. And speaking of character specifics, was anyone else creeped out by Jeremy’s little comment about he and Elena being the same blood type? Well now, Jeremy, how do you know such a thing when Elena is clearly surprised of your knowledge? I have a feeling that there’s a lot more to Jeremy than we’ve seen thus far.

Until next week, you can keep yourself busy by heading over to Space’s page for Bitten (Space being the channel that Bitten airs on in Canada on Saturday nights) and check out the cool interactive things they have going on.

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3.5 out of 5