Bitten: Stalking Review

The pack continues to try to defend themselves this week on Syfy's Bitten.

Aaannd, we lose another. I won’t say who, because, well, maybe you haven’t watched it yet, but on this episode of Syfy‘s Bitten, we learn just how power hungry to Mutts are. If we keep losing main characters at this rate, I think Syfy may have to call it quits after one season!… I feel like I’ve said this before. Thankfully, the whole “Elena and Clay” thing was pretty much put on hold this episode due to more pressing matters. Because of the nature of this episode, you’ll be hearing me talk a lot about the Mutts.

Please be advised: SPOILERS BELOW.

Now, it’s been established that Mutts rarely work together. The reason that they are Mutts is because they don’t want to belong to a pack (and follow the rules) in the first place. So it stands to reason that several of them working together toward a common cause is a strange thing indeed. At this point, I think I should recap who is who in the Mutt “clan”: 

  • Mr. Smarmy: Karl Marsten [Pascale Langdale]
  • Creeper Guy: Victor Olson [Patrick Garrow]
  • The Muscle: Zachary Cain [Noah Danby]
  • Little Twerp: Daniel Santos [Michael Luckett]
  • Groupie Girl: Amber [Eve Harlow]

You’ll notice a new name on that list. That’s right, Groupie Girl. Groupie Girl is fifty percent of the gratuitous sex scene in this episode. She’s also the bait in a bait and switch attack. Because they have been changing people left and right, you figure at first that she must also be a werewolf. We find out later that she, in fact, is not a werewolf. She wants Muscle Man to make her into one, but he is resistant to the idea. Up until now, we’ve only seen Zachary Cain being a sociopathic muscle man for the rest of the group. While I describe the sex scene as “gratuitous”, I think they did a really good job showing another side of this guy. He doesn’t appear to be a womanizer (as we might think), and he actually seems to be really tender towards Groupie Girl. While I have plenty of complaints with how they are doing certain things, I’m really beginning to like the character development going on. I don’t know about y’all, but I like it when we see multifaceted bad guys. It makes it harder to keep seeing them as generic bad guy, or in this case, Muscle Man.

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As I hinted at when introducing you to Groupie Girl, the Mutts decided to form and attack against the Pack. Santos lures Elena and Clay to an abandoned camp site saying that he wanted to talk. While scoping out the area, our two lead wolves see a random kid drive up and drop off a package that is wrapped in the same paper as the last gift Santos left for Elena and thus they call for Jeremy. While they are preoccupied at the campground, Jeremy and Antonio come upon an apparent car crash where there is a woman lying on the ground. Antonio says they should just leave her, Jeremy insists on helping her….. Yup, you guessed it. It’s Groupie Girl and she’s got a knife. She slices at Jeremy and the other Mutts emerge to back her up. I don’t want to lay out the details of the entire encounter but I will say this: IT WASN’T THAT DEEP! How is there internal bleeding of the cut didn’t even make it through the fascia and muscle layers?! Also, I’m assuming they will explain later since they hinted at it, but what exactly is it that makes it so they can’t seek professional medical attention?

All in all, this episode was much better than last week’s. I’m hoping that the quality becomes more consistent as the series exits its infancy. Also, I read in a series synopsis somewhere that the series is supposed to be based on the women of the Otherworld series of books. Does that mean that we’ll soon be seeing more females enter the ring? Yeah, we just met Amber, but I honestly don’t know if Zach will change her. And even if he does, I feel like “women of the Otherworld series” indicates more than two chicks. Well, Logan did say something about how he thinks he and Rachel’s baby is going to be a girl. Hmmm…. What do you guys think? A bit of intrigue for Bitten lovers?

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4 out of 5