Bitten: Bitten Review

No, there's no redundancy. This week's episode is also called Bitten, and aptly so!

So we’ve made it to episode 5 of Syfy’s new series, Bitten, oh so creatively named *dun dun dun* BITTEN…. Yeah. Things seem to be getting better, largely due to that fact that they are finally explaining some things! It’s like they listened to me! Or… that they anticipated the wants of their viewers and decided to put it the good stuff in there….. Naw! They definitely read my article and went back and re-taped episode 5 to add the human to werewolf transformation IN DETAIL! We are given the chance to see this because the creators decided to grace us with a flashback of what exactly happened between Elena and Clay, and how it resulted in Elena becoming a werewolf. (Should we include a link to skip over the spoiler section? Nah!)

SPOILERS: Clayton is a bigger dumb ass than I originally thought! Instead of having a normal meet and greet with Elena and his family to announce their engagement, Clay brings her to Stonehaven to meet Jeremy [Greg Byrk], then proceeds to exit the room, change, and re-enter the room in wolf form, only to bite Elena’s hand. WHY?! I started this thing praising the writers and creators for finally giving us some answers, but they missed a big one right here: Why did Clay bite her BEFORE telling her what he was? I assume he bit her so that they could be wolves together, but why not breach the subject and give the girl a choice in whether or not she gets changed into a furry (albeit awesome) beast? Selfish, stupid move, my man! Though the whole thing does go a long way towards explaining how she could hate him so much, and yet still obviously love him.

But on to bigger things… Smarmy Karl Marsten appears to be at it again. His macho man sidekick Mutt, Zach Caine [Noah Danby], approaches a creeper dude sitting on a bench watching kids play on a playground. Earlier in the episode, we saw this same creeper dude being released from jail after a 10 year stint for pedophilia related crimes. Caine tells creeper dude (officially named Victor [Patrick Garrow]) that they should work together to get girls. Or rather, one girl in particular: Elena. Victor seems to know who Elena is and from this conversation I have gleaned two things, the first being that Elena was one of Victor’s victims before he was put away (and I’m guessing had something to do with him getting put away in the first place). The second thing is that I’m pretty sure Victor is going to be the next Mutt to be made.

A lot of seemingly random stuff happened in this week’s episode, including old pack member Daniel Santos [Michael Luckett] (who we saw talking to Logan [Michael Xavier] at the end of the last episode) coming to ask about rejoining the pack. What confuses me is that, judging by his demeanor and the words coming out of his mouth, he doesn’t really want to be part of the pack. I understand his primary motivation (that we know of) is safety, but dude seems to really hate everyone involved, except maybe Elena. Along with Random Dan, we also see the Sheriff [Fiona Highet], her Deputy [Rogan Christopher] with a bunch of local townspeople (including the Danvers clan). They are all searching the Stonehaven property for Missing Redneck #1, also known as Braxton [Evan Buliung], who had told his brother friend (kind of like sister wife, but, you know, not) Travis [Noah Cappe] that he was going to look for their hunting dog. All I have to say is, arrogant move, dude. You, along with most everyone else, suspect someone in the Danver’s clan is responsible for the recent killings, and you know that they hate you. And yet, despite these things, you decide to go search, alone, in the deep woods, for your dog, who is no doubt far from there by now.

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I’ve already placed a few spoilers in this week’s review (though only one spoiler-y enough to give warning beforehand), so I won’t continue to ramble on too much longer. What I will say is that while I keep finding myself wondering how long I’ll bother to keep watching this show, they always give me a little bit of a reason to come back for the next installment. It definitely hasn’t grabbed me by the proverbial (or are they?) horns yet, but I also most decidedly haven’t given up yet. Oh yeah, by the way Elena, you should probably get back to Toronto in time for your best friend’s (who happens to be you boyfriend’s sister) wedding. You know, the one you’re in? *cue bags being packed*

So what about you, my faithful reader (Hi John!)…. erm, I mean… readers? Do you like where they are going with this show so far? Are they holding your interest by a mere thread? Or are you completely invested already?

Also, on another note, if we were to get interview with one of the cast members, who would you like to see? Comment, people! I want to hear your thoughts on the show and our coverage of it.

Den Of Geek Score: 4 Out Of 5 Stars 

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4 out of 5