Bitten: Committed Review

Syfy's lupine-filled new show continues to howl at the moon.

Syfy presents: Grown woman who acts like a thirteen year old girl! Or, Bitten; Committed. You know, whichever you think fits better. Either way, I just have to say… ELENA, YOU IDIOT! *deep breath* So many things I would love to run by her. Like why she’s a grown woman acting like a love-sick teenager! Yes, this is a show that is probably mostly geared towards teens and young adults, but come on now. The first few episodes of this, one of Syfy‘s newest series, I was praising the writers for roving off the beaten path, but they seem to slowly be meandering their way back to that very same path. This episode was almost completely filled with over played emotions and very little story line. They expanded on the whole Mutts versus The Pack thing, but that’s about it.

We knew that when Elena left at the end of the last episode that it wouldn’t lasts long, since that would not jibe with continuing the story line. While this much was obvious, her just up and leaving in the middle of her best friend Becky’s [ Ace Hicks] (who also happens to be your boyfriend’s sister) wedding reception (sorry for the mini spoiler guys. I didn’t give much away, I promise) was pretty ridiculous. Not a good way to start getting on Mom’s side, Elena. Then again, if she keeps acting like a love lorn teenager,  it may not really matter in the long run. Yes, family comes first and yada yada yada (Seinfeld reference for the win!), but Elena has expressed, several times, that The Pack is not a family she wants to associate with. Not really sticking to your guns now, are ya Elena?

The little twerp we met last episode, ya know, Daniel Santos [Michael Luckett]… well he’s back and of course his “I want back in the pack. Let me just sit here and insult you a little and then leave again.” stunt was about getting information on how the Danvers pack is handling all the mayhem so he can bring it back to the Mutts. Santos is the root cause of Elena leaving the reception like he did: Santos shows up at the reception like he belongs and threatens Elena. Well, not so much threaten as insinuates that he’s in on something and offers to shield Elena from “the inevitable”. I know that the Mutts are supposed to be the bad guys, but do they all have to be such skeezy dudes? Between Little Twerp, Mr Smarmy [Pascal Langdale], Creeper guy [Patrick Garrow] and the Muscle [Noah Danby], they’ve made quite a little group of miscreants. And that doesn’t even include the Tweaker that got hit by a car in the third episode! Oh yeah, I forgot Biker dude that was sent the Stonehaven in this most recent episode. He’s also a fun character, though he’s got a little less bite to him after his encounter with Jeremy and Clay.

We do learn one important thing this episode: There are more than just The Pack and the Mutts. There are wolves called the Rogues. I’m not quite sure what the difference is, but apparently the Rogues aren’t necessarily bad. In fact, the Rogues that Nick was sent to find in Washington D.C. happen to be family… I think. On that note, who else didn’t realize that Antonio was Nick’s father. Did I miss that somewhere? While it’s sad that their affection for each other is brought out by grief, but it was good to see. It’s also one of the first times we’ve seen any emotion other than anger and arousal from macho man Nick.

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I know that this week’s review isn’t really descriptive as far as what actually happens, but as I said at the beginning, it was kind of lacking in details. Oh yeah; sex. There was sex, of course. I’m pretty sure that they want us to think that Elena is a nymphomaniac or something of that nature. I’m assuming that that is attached to the whole werewolf thing (like the extreme amount of food that she and the rest of the wolves seem to consume on a regular basis), but maybe they’ll surprise us and take it in a different direction. I’m not really sure what to ask of you guys this week. I usually throw a few snappy questions in at the end here, but I’m at a loss. Maybe you guys ask me? Is there anything you want covered that isn’t? Give it a shot!… I guess? Oh Bitten, you have left me so confused!!

Den Of Geek Score: 1 1/2 Out Of 5 Stars

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1.5 out of 5