Better Call Saul: Rhea Seehorn Shares Her Favorite Kim Theory in Exclusive New Clip

Better Call Saul’s Kim Wexler herself, Rhea Seehorn, is set to stop by Friday Night In with the Morgans to discuss her beloved character.

Better Call Saul Rhea Seehorn Kim Wexler
Photo: AMC

Kim Wexler has come a long way on Better Call Saul. First introduced as one of Jimmy McGill’s chain smoking peers at Hamlin Hamlin McGill, the future Mrs. Goodman has blossomed into one of the most dynamic characters in the series if not the whole franchise. And no one is as aware of Ms. Wexler’s radical transformation as the actress who plays her, Rhea Seehorn.

The tragically, criminally Emmy-less Seehorn is set to stop by AMC’s half hour video chat-based talk show Friday Night in with the Morgans tonight to discuss Better Call Saul season 5 and her character’s arc. In this new exclusive clip, Seehorn reveals some of her favorite fan theories as to Kim’s ultimate whereabouts in the show’s flash-forward future in Omaha, Nebraska. Give it a look below!

First of all, I would like to formally welcome Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hillarie Burton Morgan to the official #AnEmmyforRhea movement. Both Morgans should know a thing or two about acting as Jeffrey is currently undergoing a character transformation himself as Negan on The Walking Dead and Hilarie has appeared on everything from One Tree Hill to Lethal Weapon.

After processing the Morgans’ compliment, Seehorn gets down to discussing her favorite fan theory. Though she’s too “chickenshit” to go on Reddit lest she discover the fans hate her (they don’t, Rhea!), she’s still managed to come across some of the Internet’s most harebrained Kim theories. 

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“There are people who are sure she works at Clarie’s accessories next to the Cinnabon (at the mall where Gene Takovic works while in hiding),” Seehorn says. “I always say I need my own combover and mustache.”

That’s certainly an interesting theory but probably a bit too neat and cute for the Breaking Bad universe. The official Den of Geek position is still that Kim ends up imprisoned for fraud. Regardless of where Kim is in the future, Seehorn notes that the conversation around her ultimate fate has shifted a bit in recent years

“They used to be all fan theories about how she dies. Now they’re fan theories about how she mentally loses her shit,” Seehorn says. 

Truth be told the latter does seem a lot more likely in light of Better Call Saul season 5. The path that Kim and Jimmy find themselves on going into the show’s sixth and final season appears to be a “Bad Choice Road.” The cartel may be done with them for now, but the decisions they are poised to make could prove professionally and personally ruinous to Kim. Guess we’ll find out whenever Better Call Saul season 6 arrives .

Friday Night In with the Morgans first premiered on April 17 and airs on Friday nights at 10 p.m. ET on AMC. The show features both Morgans chatting remotely from their farm with guests about how they’re getting through the coronavirus pandemic among many other happier topics. In addition to Seehorn, this week’s episode will welcome Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan and local restaurant owner Jass Liu.