Ben Schwartz Can’t Get Over How Good DuckTales Is

The voice actor for Dewey in DuckTales highjacked his own interview to gush about how great the show is and what it’s like working with the writers.

DuckTales' Ben Schwartz
Photo: Disney

Ben Schwartz loves being the voice of Dewey in DuckTales. We know this because in the middle of an interview about his role as Sonic the Hedgehog, Schwartz diverted the conversation to discuss DuckTales the moment we mentioned it in passing. He stopped the question in progress to simply ask,

“Literally, how good is DuckTales?”

He went on to praise the writing staff of the series; calling them “unbelievable” and said they should be getting “so much credit.”

“(Producers) Frank and Matt are our heroes and leaders in this, but if you look at that writing staff, man, they have unbelievable writers,” Schwartz says. “They have people like Madison Bateman and Colleen Evanson and they have all these incredible writers it’s just great.”

Even after we got back to discussing Sonic, Schwartz couldn’t help but plug DuckTales. He recalled while watching the Sonic movie that he wished director Jeff Fowler had added a specific DuckTales reference.

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“There’s a moment there’s all these little ducklings that are walking by and James Marsden is like, “Donald, Daisy, da, da…” I was like, ‘Oh, Jeff, I wonder if Dewey could be there. Just one quick Dewey for me.’ And he’s like, ‘Oh, I didn’t think about it, that would be great.'”

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Schwartz even extended our call to specifically talk about DuckTales and we got to ask him a few questions about the season three and the process of working with the writers he loves so much.

What are you most excited for in this season of DuckTales? What with Dewey are we going to get to see?

There is an episode, and just because I just got ADR for it a little bit ago, sometimes they let me sing songs, which is, I’m not a professional singer, I can’t really, really sing, but I can fake it a little bit. I get a full song in one of the episodes and it’s awesome and it’s a really cool type of song. And the episode itself is so cool that it just makes me really happy and within the episode it works really well and they use it so well. I just saw when I did ADR, so I’m really excited for that. That’s the first one that comes to mind just because I had just done ADR for it before a couple of months ago. The funny thing is we record these a year ago and you kind of forget what it is and then it comes out a year and a half later so I’m just as excited as everybody else’s as they start to roll out.

So you talked a lot about the writers and obviously you have a special relationship with the writers as an actor on the show. What’s the sort of symbiotic relationship you have with them? Or is it just you following exactly what they’re saying or do you try to give input into the character? What’s that relationship like?

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The relationship when you do animation, it’s not as intense as when you do for like Space Force or House of Lies. The writer of that episode is on set with you every day. What usually happens when you record for DuckTales is the writer will be there, like Colleen will be there or someone will be in that room while we’re doing the records. (During them) you can talk to Frank and Matt and give notes and stuff like that so we get to meet them a little bit more there.

But also the directors are badass. Like if you look at Tanner Johnson and look at some of these guys who are directing our episodes, they’re incredible. The idea that they do action because our show is not just an animated show, there’s action sequences that are really well done and that’s a testament to (Matt) Youngberg as well.

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But it’s like all of these directors that we have are pretty fantastic. But in terms of the writers, we get to see them a little bit more (while) recording. Then there’ll be little tweaks, and we’ll always be encouraged to improvise a little bit. But when it’s DuckTales and it’s a 22-minute show or whatever, you can’t really go on huge tangents because then you’re taking away from the 22 minutes that you have. So you kind of learn how to play with it within the moment, your reaction or adding to the beginning of the middle or end or kind of making it your own a little bit. Much like Sonic, you do the script as is first because the script is great. Everybody over there knows how to write, so it’s great.

I’m very excited if people are watching DuckTales because I truly think the writing is phenomenal. For kids and for adults I think it’s so well done.

And with that the call had to end but as you could tell here, Schwartz can’t get over how great DuckTales is. With the first two seasons now on Disney+ (be sure to check out our viewing guide to make sure you watch them in the right order) and the new season airing on Disney XD? This is the perfect time to catch up and understand why Schwartz is so deeply in love with the show and the process of making it.