Angry Boys episode 7 review

After last week’s pretty emotional outpouring of an episode, it’s back to business in this latest episode of Angry Boys…

Unlike previous episodes, this most recent Angry Boys doesn’t leave much to make comment on. The best story revolves around the twins, Daniel and Nathan. After repeatedly called everyone and everything “fags”, Daniel is made to spend time with a boy called Henry from his school, who’s gay.

Obviously, not having much experience with people who are homosexual, Daniel is very wary of Henry and reluctant to spend any time with him. But, like we’ve seen in previous episodes, Daniel has another side to him that isn’t so laddish and crude.

The two have a lot in common and get on really well, and it’s refreshing to see Daniel get along with someone his own age, instead of ripping them to shreds and calling them names. When his brother, Nathan, tries to sabotage the friendship by inviting round Daniel’s friends to embarrass him, I liked how Daniel embraced it and got them all to hang out,  showing he can grow and be a bit more adult than we would expect of him.

Sadly, this episode only has this one thing to keep me interested, as the other two main characters used are S.Mouse (groan) and Jen (sigh), the two weakest characters of the series.

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S.Mouse is doing community service by visiting young children at a primary school, where he feels it’s still appropriate to refer to them as “mother fuckers” and sing his “Big Black Balls” song. He does sing a pretty humorous, yet totally inappropriate song called “Hot Kids”, a song about paedophiles.

After being goaded into breaking his house arrest to prove he’s still famous enough to get mobbed at the local mall, S.Mouse is fitted with a tag that will electrocute him if he steps out of the designated areas of the house. So, it’s pretty satisfying when he inevitably does.

Jen Okazaki is back to being a brutal bitch of a mother to her ‘gay’ son, Tim. He’s diagnosed with depression in this episode, so Jen orders him to relax and buys him a puppy he doesn’t want. Obviously, this was a woman that was never going to be sympathetic.

S.Mouse and Jen aren’t enjoyable to watch most of the time, because they aren’t the flawed characters with genuine hearts like we see in Gran, Daniel and Blake. Their humour is derived from the way they look and the things they say. There are no redeeming features in these characters. So, if you don’t find stereotypes and mimicked accents funny, there isn’t much for you here.

In the end, the series will have its ups and downs, so reviewing it on a weekly basis may not be giving it the best representation. On the whole, it may fare as a nice piece of observation, but going by this one episode alone, it’s pretty hollow and empty.  

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