Angry Boys episode 2 review

Angry Boys' second episode doesn't quite live up to its first. But Charlotte isn't discouraged...

Angry Boys continued with a second episode tonight on BBC Three, and after what was a very promising first episode, the second falls slightly short in the laughter department. But I’m not worried yet. Oh, no. It still has potential.

The second episode leads with the two familiar twins, Daniel and Nathan, as we learn Nathan is in trouble with the police for defecating on a police car (that’s putting it really nicely), after being inspired by his favourite rapper S. Mouse’s new song, “Poo On You”. Avoiding any jail time, the family agree to social workers visiting the house to assess the situation with Nathan’s hearing and behavioural problems.

I like these two characters. A great use of a swear word is never lost on me and they do it really well. Also here, for once, we see how much Daniel needs his brother. The social workers believe Nathan would be better suited in a specialist school for deaf people and after some persuasion from his parents, he agrees to go. Daniel erupts in anger and we see it’s also because he doesn’t want to be without his brother. Pretty sweet, really.

After Nathan’s mum rips down his posters of his favourite rapper, we’re introduced to the rapper, S. Mouse, who inspired his behaviour. Unfortunately, this is where the episode begins to lag and this, so far, is the weakest character of the show.

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We’re now in LA with S. Mouse, an American rapper who’s gained success from a song called “Slap My Elbow”, which sounds pretty much like every song on the radio at the moment, which I realise makes me sound like my parents, but it’s true. And that’s why it’s funny. But apart from this, there isn’t too much to like about this character.

S. Mouse comes from a rich family, so lies about his background and is the most hated man in hip hop for making bubble gum hip hop. It’s a little bit of a clichéd character that we’ve seen before, and sadly, it’s a massive part of this show.

So far, the episode had been slightly touching, with Daniel’s reaction to the news his brother may be leaving, but along with S. Mouse, it hasn’t been particularly funny.

Thankfully, as my attention started to wander, Gran pops up to save the day, as she admits a new boy into the detention centre who was “busted wanking a dog”. Brilliant.  We’re back on track.

As with the first episode, Gran’s soft interior is exposed as she talks about a boy she got on well with, who committed suicide while she was on duty. It’s a nice touch to have these moments with her, to then flip back to her on duty calling the boys “dickheads” and having a laugh with them.

Luckily, the episode ends with Gran as she tries to make the new boy feel welcome, introducing her favourite guinea pig to him, slightly spoilt by the other boys shouting, “Don’t let him wank the guinea pig!” And by spoilt, I mean, made more excellent.

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Hopefully, the next new characters will focus on Gran and the twins, because this episode was really let down by the particularly unfunny S. Mouse. As long as we have some comedy gems from those regulars, though, I won’t be complaining too much.

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Angry Boys airs again on Tuesday, June 14th, with the episodes 3 and 4 starting at 10:30pm on BBC3.

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