Angry Boys episode 5 review

Angry Boys has found its formula now, and for Charlotte, that makes it that bit more enjoyable...

I’m finding Angry Boys a lot easier to enjoy now I know the format and the pace, and episode 5 is proving that it may well have enough momentum to keep it going for the rest of the series.

As usual, the episode starts with Nathan and Daniel, who are, again, up to no good. Nathan has taken to pranking his brother by pissing on him from great heights, much to the amusement of all Daniel’s friends. To save face, Daniel must prank his brother back, but on a larger scale.

Now, previously I’ve been pretty negative towards Lilley’s character, S.Mouse, so when the camera panned to Hollywood this week, I was not best pleased. However, this was the first week I’ve really enjoyed the story and character.

S.Mouse is still under house arrest, so after being dropped my his label, he creates a new recording studio in his parents’ living room, along with his best friend and producer, Danthony. Changing his name to S.Mouse! for legal reasons, he decides to start a twitter account to keep his fans up to date with all his daily habits. He claims he’ll, “Twitter my dick off”. These tweets include taking a dump twice before 10am. Impressive stuff.This made me laugh, because although a little cruder than reality, it’s not far off what celebrities tweet. And you know they don’t realise they tweet shit.

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Next, we’re back with possibly the most evil mother created, Jen Okazaki. Since last week she’s managed to get even more cruel and focuses on how fat her incredibly small and skinny child is. She even uses pincers to pinch at his ‘fat’ skin round his waist, and orders him to fart before going to bed so that he won’t get fat. Hearing her say “Now fart”, however cruel, is rather funny.

Yes, she installed a camera in her son’s room to keep an eye on what he’s doing. If you thought last week’s “GayStyle Enterprises” merchandise was bad, then this week sees the launch of their new perfume, “Gayness”, which comes in a bottle shaped as a cock that sprays the perfume out of the top. After you squeeze it. They can’t possibly top this next week, can they?

While this is going on, Nathan is visited by a family who have a son at the deaf school he’ll be attending. While the families try to talk about their sons, Daniel is trying to find a way to get back at Nathan for his piss pranks. So, he urinates into a bottle and puts it in the fridge to give to his brother later and pass it off as Gatorade. Classic. Nothing about this can go wrong.

S.Mouse! is now working on his new material, which is pretty much sidekick Danthony’s work with his incredibly ridiculous lyrics over the top. Danthony is the unsung hero here. He’s always quick to shoot S.Mouse! down when needed. Lasquisha is back, too, and she’s adamant to sing on a new track. When S.Mouse! claims Rihanna is set to sing it, they get into a fight and Lasquisha is horrified when he raises his hand to her. Except, he really doesn’t. But the lawyers are on it straight away, and sure enough, she sings on the track, “Touch My Big Black Balls”.

Watching S.Mouse!’s dad’s reaction to the song they’re all so proud of is crushing for them. He rips it apart. It’s funny for us to watch this ‘big’ star’s work being belittled by his dad.

So, the question you’re all asking is does Daniel get Nathan back for all the pissings? Of course he doesn’t. Nathan is man of little words, and perhaps, at times, doesn’t seem all there mentally, but he still seems to be more aware than his brother. After getting pissed on again, Daniel finally gets Nathan to accept the bottle of ‘Gatorade’, which is obviously piss and Nathan knows it. So, he takes it to Daniel’s bed and dumps it all on his sheets. Nice one, Nath.

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This episode has proved that Angry Boys isn’t just a shallow TV show, out for laughs. It’s a slow burner that wants us to be interested in these characters’ lives. It’s interesting right now to wonder where all these people will end up by the end of the series, as I feel that some of them are headed for some downfalls.

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