Watch MST3K Episodes The Official Way! A Complete Guide

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is available in all sorts of formats and we're here to help you keep track of where you can watch and how.

Hey, so great news. Mystery Science Theater 3000 is coming back for its twelfth season. Pretty rad, right? You already knew that, sure, but just repeating it puts me in a truly happy mood.

Even with the current season streaming on Netflix (and you’ll note we didn’t include those episodes in here because, well, you know where you can watch season 11 already without our help, right?), one of the wonderful things about MST3K is knowing that it’s so, so hard to see everything. It’s not a show really known for binge-watching. There are over 200 episodes out there and they’re all an hour and a half long without commercials. Due to the fairly lax narrative, it’s easy to be a huge fan of the show without having seen even a tenth of what it has to offer.

Binge-watching MST3K isn’t so cut and dry. Yes, there are the “keep circulating those tapes” ways, but you aren’t exactly going to get the best quality. Fact is, MST3K is available on so many different formats and every single one is scattershot. Hell, some episodes are simply unavailable anywhere due to rights issues from the targeted movies.

We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of every single episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and where to go to watch them, officially. Here are the different places you can find the show in general:

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YouTube: MST3K has an official YouTube channel and occasionally puts up full episodes for free. Not only that, but the episodes are annotated, so you can get explanations for the more obscure references. It’s like Pop-Up Video, only with less Rick Astley.

RiffTrax: MST3K’s most popular spiritual successor has been releasing MST3K episodes every Monday or so. Each one is available to download for $9.99. They also have the more obscure Film Crew, a short-lived DVD series where Mike, Bill, and Kevin tried riffing with a different narrative. They will soon be including the episodes of season 11.

Amazon: Via Amazon’s streaming, you can watch MST3K through various ways. For $2.99, you can rent individual episodes. For $5.99-11.99, you can own them. Also, for $2.99, you can get a subscription to Shout Factory TV, which gets you most episodes.

DVD: The DVD situation is a bit dicey. Rhino Home Video took care of releasing MST3K on DVD for years and put forth a bunch of box sets that would feature four discs. Then Shout Factory took over and Rhino’s stuff went out of print. Shout Factory’s continued from where they left off and has been gradually rereleasing the old sets. In other words, there are plenty of episodes that are out there in DVD form, but currently out of print. I’m not counting them. Then there’s stuff like the Godzilla movies where they were released in a set, only to be pulled and replaced due to rights issues.

Shout Factory: While Shout Factory is a good place to buy MST3K on DVD, they also have several episodes available digitally. They used to cost $9.99, but have since been available for free on ShoutFactoryTV.

iTunes: With a huge list of episodes ot choose from, the $5.99-$7.99 buying price isn’t bad. Then again, it’s $3.99 to rent.

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VHX: The streaming site has episodes for $9.99 and get the whole lot of them for $299.99. What’s interesting is that if you backed the Bring Back MST3K Kickstarter, through VHX you can get access to the first two episodes from the KTMA-TV season from 1988-89. Believe me, they’re only worth it for the historical value. The KTMA-TV stuff is ROUGH, man.

Netflix: Netflix has a handful of old episodes on there. As it is right now, they’re lumped together in their own order as “season two.” It’s also the home to all the new episodes. Netflix can cost $7.99-$11.99 a month.

It should be noted that Hulu used to have a ton of episodes up, but then dropped the show completely.

Otherwise, I’m going to italicize the episodes that are so tied up in rights issues that we’re not likely to see them ever released officially. And if this is all too overwhelming, use this fan-approved list of The Top 100 MST3K Episodes Ever as your guide.


101. The Crawling Eye

102. The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy

103. The Mad Monster

104. Women of the Prehistoric Planet

105. The Corpse Vanishes

106. The Crawling Hand

107. Robot Monster

108. The Slime People

109. Project Moon Base

110. Robot Holocaust

111. Moon Zero Two

112. Untamed Youth

113. The Black Scorpion


201. Rocketship X-M

202. Sidehackers

203. Jungle Goddess

204. Catalina Caper

205. Rocket Attack USA

206. Ring of Terror

207. Wild Rebels

208. Lost Continent

209. The Hellcats

210. King Dinosaur

211. First Spaceship on Venus

212. Godzilla vs. Megalon

213. Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster


301. Cave Dwellers

302. Gamera

303. Pod People

304. Gamera vs. Barugon

305. Stranded in Space

306. Time of the Apes

307. Daddy-O

308. Gamera vs. Gaos

309. The Amazing Colossal Man

310. Fugitive Alien

311. It Conquered the World

312. Gamera vs. Guiron

313. Earth vs. the Spider

314. Mighty Jack

315. Teenage Cave Man

316. Gamera vs. Zigra

317. Viking Women and the Sea Serpent

318. Star Force: Fugitive Alien II

319. War of the Colossal Beast

320. The Unearthly

321. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

322. Master Ninja I

323. The Castle of Fu Manchu

324. Master Ninja II


401. Space Travelers

402. The Giant Gila Monster

403. City Limits

404. Teenagers from Outer Space 

405. Being from Another Planet/Time Walker

406. Attack of the Giant Leeches

407. The Killer Shrews

408. Hercules Unchained

409. Indestructible Man

410. Hercules Against the Moon Men 

411. The Magic Sword

412. Hercules and the Captive Women

413. Manhunt in Space

414. Tormented

415. The Beatniks

416. Fire Maidens of Outer Space

417. Crash of the Moons

418. Attack of the Eye Creatures

419. The Rebel Set

420. The Human Duplicators

421. Monster A-Go-Go

422. The Day the Earth Froze

423. Bride of the Monster

424. Manos: The Hands of Fate


501. Warrior of the Lost World

502. Hercules

503. Swamp Diamonds

504. Secret Agent Super Dragon

505. The Magic Voyage of Sinbad

506. Eegah 

507. I Accuse My Parents

508. Operation Kid Brother

509. The Girl in Lovers’ Lane

510. The Painted Hills

511. Gunslinger

512. Mitchell

513. The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

514. Teen-Age Strangler

515. The Wild Wild World of Batwoman

516. Alien from LA

517. Beginning of the End

518. The Atomic Brain

519. Outlaw (of Gor)

520. Radar Secret Service

521. Santa Claus

522. Teen-Age Crime Wave

523. Village of the Giants

524. 12 to the Moon


601. Girls Town

602. Invasion USA

603. The Dead Talk Back

604. Zombie Nightmare

605. Headhunters

606. The Creeping Terror

607. Bloodlust!

608. Code Name: Diamond Head

609. The Skydivers

610. The Violent Years

611. Last of the Wild Horses

612. The Starfighters

613. The Sinister Urge

614. San Francisco International

615. Kitten with a Whip

616. Racket Girls

617. The Sword and the Dragon

618. High School Big Shot

619. Red Zone Cuba

620. Danger!! Death Ray

621. The Beast of Yucca Flats

622. Angels’ Revenge

623. The Amazing Transparent Man

624. Samson vs. the Vampire Women


701. Night of the Blood Beast

702. The Brute Man

703. Deathstalker and the Warriors of Hell

704. The Incredible Melting Man

705. Escape 2000

706. Laserblast


801. Revenge of the Creature

802. The Leech Woman

803. The Mole People

804. The Deadly Mantis

805. The Thing That Couldn’t Die

806. The Undead

807. Terror from the Year 5000

808. The She Creature

809. I Was a Teenage Werewolf

810. The Giant Spider Invasion

811. Parts: The Clonus Horror

812. The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies

813. Jack Frost

814. Riding with Death

815. Agent for HARM

816. Prince of Space

817. The Horror of Party Beach

818. Devil Doll

819. Invasion of the Neptune Men

820. Space Mutiny 

821. Time Chasers

822. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank


901. The Projected Man

902. The Phantom Planet

903. The Pumaman

904. Werewolf

905. The Deadly Bees

906. The Space Children

907. Hobgoblins

908. The Touch of Satan

909. Gorgo

910. The Final Sacrifice

911. Devil Fish

912. The Screaming Skull

913. Quest of the Delta Knights


1001. Soultaker

1002. Girl in Gold Boots

1003. Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders 

1004. Future War

1005. Blood Waters of Dr. Z

1006. Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues

1007. Track of the Moon Beast

1008. Final Justice

1009. Hamlet

1010. It Lives By Night

1011. Horrors of Spider Island

1012. Squirm

1013. Diabolik


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