The Weekend Away Ending Proves You Should Keep Buying Cheap Crap Online

Netflix's new murder-mystery The Weekend Away, starring Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester, is here to enable your questionable online shopping habits.

The Weekend Away
Cr. Ivan Šardi/Netflix ©2022

This article contains spoilers for Netflix’s The Weekend Away

If you’re the kind of person who tends to umm and ahh about whether you really do need to get that new piece of budget tat that’s sitting in your online cart before you commit, Netflix’s The Weekend Away is here to encourage you to be more enthusiastic about clicking “buy now” in the future with its Chekhov’s necklace ending.

The new thriller movie, which stars Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester and Luke Norris (Poldark), is now available for the streaming service’s large base of murder-mystery junkies to gleefully consume, and follows depressed mom Beth (Meester) as she leaves her highly suspicious husband and much less suspicious baby at home to embark on a much-needed weekend vacation in Croatia.

Reuniting with her best friend Kate (Christina Wolfe), who exudes a flawless level of chaotic energy at all times, Beth offers up a small token of her ongoing affection: a flimsy black onyx necklace she purchased online that immediately starts to fall apart as Kate attempts to wear it.

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Beth soon feels out of practice in the world of bubbly-and-heels partying, but this awkward break from her humdrum life further spirals out of control when Kate suddenly goes missing after the duo’s blurry first night out on the town. Suspecting Kate has been murdered (she has), Beth sort of stands around wringing her hands and weeping for help as the list of suspects potentially involved in Kate’s disappearance gets longer.

There are the male escorts slash scam artists that Kate hired to make sure Beth got laid since her sex life with husband Rob has gone down the toilet; there’s the gentle cab driver who drove the two women around that night and who may or may not be caught up in organized crime overseas; there’s the dickhead local cop who seems to have made it his mission in life to always say the worst, most dickhead thing possible; there’s the creepy, peeping tom owner of the lavish Airbnb that Kate and Beth have been staying in, and finally there’s Beth herself, who can’t remember what happened on the night Kate went MIA other than a brief flash of Kate yelling the word “bitch!” at some point.

But none of that really matters when The Weekend Away unmasks its killer, because Beth’s husband Rob is the culprit pretty much right from the outset when he appears extremely uncomfortable upon first seeing Kate in Beth’s immediate vicinity. Rob has been banging his wife’s bestie on the dl for months and doesn’t want Beth to find out about the affair. He’s also become a little obsessed with the idea that he could leave his wife and start something real with Kate instead – a concept that the flighty Kate naturally finds ludicrous.

After quickly flying to Croatia to try and convince Kate that she mustn’t tell Beth about their months-long dalliance, a late-night argument about the situation down by the water costs Kate her life when she tries to push Rob away and that black onyx necklace fully breaks apart in the struggle. He then hits Kate so hard she falls onto the rocks below and into the sea. She isn’t quite dead, however, and Rob has a chance to save her during the incident, but he doesn’t take it. Because he sucks.

Unfortunately, Beth unwittingly pins Kate’s murder on aforementioned local dickhead cop Pavic in the meantime, and he also (accidentally) falls to his death while chasing his prime suspect Beth around town, so as far as Beth is concerned, it’s now ‘case closed’ on Kate’s sudden death in Croatia.

Beth doesn’t find out that Rob is behind the murder until she gets home and breaks up with the disloyal weasel. She discovers a bead from the cheap black onyx necklace she bought online for Kate hidden in Rob’s jacket pocket, which causes him to admit everything. Kate gets the confession heard by the police using her phone, and knees Rob in the junk before she grabs her baby and strides the hell out of there and on to a better life.

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Ultimately, The Weekend Away’s ending suggests that if you ever find yourself wondering if you really do need to buy even more crap online for either yourself or a friend – even if it’s the kind of jewellery that will literally fall apart as you remove it from its box – maybe you should. It could turn out to be important later on!