The Den Of Geek interview: Flash Gordon’s Ornella Muti

Some weeks ago Rob penned a paean to the beauty of Flash Gordon's Princess Aura, as portrayed by Italian actress Ornella Muti. Well, why should he have the last word?

A bit of reading first. If you haven’t already, it’s worth checking out Rob’s love letter to Ornella right here. But now, on with Martin’s interview…

Would you like to have Princess Aura as a friend in real-life?

Why not? In the end, Aura redeems herself. She cries and admits her errors – a very ‘human’ woman, aside from being incredibly sensual.

How much of Aura is there in your own personality?

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Very little. I’m much more docile…even if I think that, from the point-of-view of sensuality, I might be considered suitable to portray a formidably attractive heroine…no?


Why do you think the film continues to be so popular?

Because it’s a cult, by now – full of interesting elements, and timeless.

Why have you made so few films in English after your spectacular entrance in Flash Gordon?

I’ve made a dozen films in the English language. But then, for love, for my family and friends, I returned to Europe…I annoyingly – looking back – turned down films like 007, For Your Eyes Only, written specially for me…What are your best and worst memories from the filming of Flash Gordon?

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I only have beautiful memories…Timothy Dalton, Max Von Sydow…all compelling actors.

Besides Flash Gordon, what’s your favourite sci-fi film? And your favourite film in general?

I love the early films of Al Pacino – Scarface, Serpico – and I love many science-fiction films.

Does it annoy you to still be asked about Flash Gordon?

No…years ago I even received an Internet award for Flash Gordon. I’m proud of Princess Aura.

It’s difficult to see you as a grandmother – what’s the secret of retaining beauty?

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I take care of myself, and take antioxidating supplements suggested by my best friend and first fan – he takes care of my Internet presence – Doctor Mario Rosario Porzio. I eat well – in fact, very well. I train, I don’t drink or smoke, and I have many healthy people around me such as my manager Fabrizio Rivelli – my cousin.

You’ve worked with many other great actors, like Giancarlo Giannini – is there a particular actor or director you’d still like to work with?

Many, many…Pacino, Brad Pitt, Colin Farrell…Our writer Robert McLaughlin practically wrote a love-letter to Princess Aura and to you at our site – do you have any message for him ?

Robert, you’re very sweet…a big kiss to my admirers!


My thanks to Graziana Giotta for the Italian proof-reading.

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You can find Ornella’s official site here: http://www.ornellamuti.itYou can even own Princess Aura herself: