The Dark Knight Rises: Juno Temple’s role finally revealed?

Want to know who Juno Temple is playing in The Dark Knight Rises? We might have the answer right here...

Please note: This story contains a small nugget of information that you might not want to know in advance of seeing The Dark Knight Rises. We don’t think it’s a major spoiler or anything, but figured it best to let you know anyway.As production continues on The Dark Knight Rises over in Los Angeles, the mystery of just who Juno Temple will be playing in Christopher Nolan’s film appears to have been resolved.

The latest issue of Total Film features an interview with the actress, and in the build up to it, it lets slip that Temple will be playing Holly Robinson.

Holly Robinson is a character who was introduced by Frank Miller in Batman: Year One, where she’s initially seen as a young prostitute who lives with Selina Kyle. As the story progresses, Holly Robinson becomes Catwoman’s sidekick, and the suspicion is that that’s the role she’ll fulfil in Nolan’s new movie.

When asked about the film, Temple told Total Film that “I can’t talk about that”, as you might expect. She did add that she thought Christopher Nolan is “awesome”, saying that “There’s something really gentlemanly about him. He’s got an insane, incredible vision going on. Just getting the opportunity to work with him is awesome”.

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As always, we should point out that the Holly Robinson suggestion has not been officially confirmed. But it does sound quite plausible…Total Film

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