The Dark Knight Rises: latest story rumours surface

Is this a story spoiler for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, or another piece of Internet gossip?

You might, by now, be familiar with our policy where The Dark Knight Rises is concerned. The upcoming Batman sequel has been subject to an abundance of rumours over the past months, covering casting, story, villains, and more. And thus, when we pass one of these on, we’re always careful to mark it as very much in rumour territory. The same drill applies here: take all of this with a pinch of salt.

For the latest story rumour has turned up at Badass Digest, which follows on from the confirmation from Anne Hathaway that she will, indeed, be playing Catwoman as well as Selina Kyle in the movie. However, believe the word doing the rounds, and Catwoman will be fighting side by side with Batman by the end of the film, as they team up to battle the return of The League Of Shadows.

This ties into the constant rumour that Talia Al’Ghul will be appearing in the movie, as there’s still a female lead role yet to be cast in the film. And the return of The League Of Shadows would top and tail Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, picking up the threads from Batman Begins. So, it does make sense.

Talia Al’Ghul, then, would have Bane alongside her. And the recently-cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be on the side of the League Of Shadows, too.

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All this, of course, is very likely to be absolute nonsense. And we’ll only know for sure what’s going on when the film is released in July 2012. We’ll keep you posted…


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