Mario Creator on Why He Wants Another Movie

Miyamoto explains why another stab is being taken at a Super Mario Bros film.

If you were wondering why Nintendo was attempting to make another Super Mario Bros. movie after the infamous Bob Hoskins film of 1993, today we have an answer for you. Mario’s creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, laid out his reasoning in a Q&A that Siliconera then translated into English.

Although there are some remarkable facts about the Super Mario Bros movie from the ’90s, many consider the film to be a really odd adaptation of the games that Nintendo was lucky to get away with. But Miyamoto is keen to repeat the experiment and make another Mario movie, with his reasoning being linked to the Virtual Console and the continual re-releases of classic Nintendo games.

“I was originally against Nintendo expanding into video-making,” Miyamoto said, “but am currently involved personally in using our company’s IP in film production; and the background behind this change is because Nintendo has re-released many games via Virtual Console.”

As Miyamoto explained it, “After experiencing this process of bringing older software onto new hardware many times, I began to consider that our content business would be able to develop even further if we were able to combine our long-beloved software with that of video assets, and utilize them together for extended periods.”

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And, in closing, he said this: “Basically, it’s not that ‘I want to make a Mario movie’, but that I began to consider that ‘we should bring more Nintendo content into the field of video-making’. With films, the amount of people who would contact our IP would widen, and increase the amount of people engaging with our IP. Then, we’d be able to further increase the spread of our media via video.”

Essentially, it sounds like Miyamoto is keen for a new Mario movie to reach a wide audience as well as complementing the re-releases of classic games. And thankfully, since the new film is set to be an animated one from Illumination Entertainment, we probably don’t need to worry about another weird live-action car crash happening any time soon.