Geek shows and movies on UK TV in the coming week

The IT Crowd is back, Doctor Who is finishing, Firefly gets a rerun and the awesome Anvil is on the telly. Plus films! Lots of films!

Now, this is more like it! After a couple weeks of tepid telly waters, the floodgates open, with a new launch, massive finales, a worthy repeat or two and an excellent documentary to look forward to in the next seven days.

Firstly, The IT Crowd is back for its fourth season tonight, June 25th, at 10:00pm on Channel 4 with Jen The Fredo. Jen’s latest attempt to escape the confines of the basement IT department, even temporarily, sees her take on a part-time position as Entertainments Manager. Ignoring the warnings of techies Moss and Roy, she finds the job is not for her. But a bit of role reversal and a game of role playing will soon sort things out in the Graham Linehan scripted series return.

Then tomorrow, Saturday, June 26th, the fifth series of new Doctor Who, Matt Smith’s first, ends with the conclusion to the two-part finale entitled The Big Bang. The fate of the TARDIS, its pilot and companions starts at 6:05pm this week on BBC1. We have a summary of questions raised throughout the series‘ winding and cracking episodes so far and we’ll have a review of the finale about an hour after it ends. We can’t wait for the revelations and to hear what you all think of whatever occurs tomorrow night.

Another favourite series finishes this week with the close of 30 Rock‘s fourth season. Back-to-back episodes finish things off with triple weddings and love triangles in Emanuelle Goes To Dinosaur Land at 10:00pm and I Do, Do at 10:30pm on Comedy Central, Monday June 28th. (Watch for a return of The Damned United and The Queen actor, Michael Sheen, as Liz love interest Wesley Snipes. Yes, Wesley Snipes!)

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If you ever wondered what a space western might look like, or what the fuss over Firefly was all about, the Horror Channel is re-running the series, written by Joss Whedon and starring Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Morena Baccarin and Adam Balwin, with double opener Serenity on Saturday, June 26th at 6:00pm.

And if you didn’t catch it the first time around, and you’re a fan of Only Fools And Horses who’s curious about the origins of Rodney, Del Boy and the Peckham pack, Rock And Chips airs again on Sunday, June 27th at 9:00pm on BBC1.

Lastly, rockers and groupies alike will want to be sure to watch two diehards of the metal age in the surprisingly touching documentary, Anvil, on Storyville Monday, June 28th at 10:00pm on BBC4. The story of these now fifty-something last chancers made our Top 10 music documentaries list and received a 5 star review as well. We don’t easily give those out, making this must-see telly for those with even an iota of interest, and instantly adding value to TV license bills across the country.

Now, on to the films showing through the weekend and a bit beyond. As always, if we missed anything interesting, have a shout in the comments, with our thanks.

Please also note: the ordinal numbers for dates will help you scan through this simple list with your browser’s search function. Enter ’26th’ in your browser’s Find box or window to highlight and/or tab through all movies shown on Saturday. Enjoy!

Alien NationOn: Film4Date: Sunday 27th JuneTime: 01:35am (and 2:25am Fi;m4+1)

An American Werewolf In LondonOn: SyFyDate: Monday 28th JuneTime: 01:00am (and 2:00am Syfy+1)

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Batman BeginsOn: ITV2Date: Friday 25th JuneTime: 10:00pm (and 11:00pm ITV2+1, 9/10:00pm 29th June)

Blade: TrinityOn: Film4Date: Friday 25th JuneTime: 9:00pm (and 10:pm Film4+1, 9/10:00pm 29th June)

Buffy The Vampire SlayerOn: Film4Date: Sunday 27th JuneTime: 11:15pm (and 00:15am 28th June Film4+1)

CaddyshackOn: ITV3Date: Saturday 26th JuneTime: 11:00pm (and midnight ITV3+1)

CoralineOn: Sky Movies FamilyDate: Saturday 26th JuneTime: 3:00pm (and 8:00pm)

District 13: UltimatumOn: Sky Movies PremiereDate: Friday 25th JuneTime: midnight (and 1:00am 26th June Sly Premiere+1, then daily at same times through 2nd July)

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DogmaOn: E4Date: Sunday 27th JuneTime: 11:00pm (and midnight E4+1)

DragonheartOn: ITV2Date: Saturday 26th JuneTime: 6:30pm (and 7:30pm ITV2+1)

Escape From New YorkOn: ITV1Date: Saturday 26th JuneTime: 11:45pm (and 11:35pm 27th June/00:35am 28th June ITV4/+1)

First BloodOn: ITV4Date: Friday 25th JuneTime: 10:30pm (and 11:30pm ITV4+1)

Good Morning, VietnamOn: more4Date: Friday 25th JuneTime: 9:00pm (and 00:30am 26th June)

GoodfellasOn: ITV4Date: Saturday 26th JuneTime: 10:00pm (and 11:00pm ITV4+1, 10/11:00pm 30th June)

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High AnxietyOn: Film4Date: Friday 25th JuneTime: 4:55pm (and 5:55pm Film4+1)

Lawrence Of ArabiaOn: BravoDate: Saturday 26th JuneTime: noon (and 1:00pm Bravo+1, 10/11:00am 27th June)

Moby Dick (1998)On: Five USADate: Saturday 26th JuneTime: 12:30pm

Passenger 57On: ITV1Date: Wednesday 30th JuneTime: 11:05pm

PorridgeOn: Film4Date: Saturday 26th JuneTime: 3:05pm (and 4:05pm Film4+1)

Seems Like Old TimesOn: Five USADate: Friday 25thTime: 1:00pm

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Spy Kids 2: The Island Of Lost DreamsOn: WatchDate: Saturday 26th JuneTime: 6:00pm (and 7:00pm Watch+1, 5/6:00pm 27th June)

StakeoutOn: Film4Date: Sunday 27th JuneTime: 9:00pm (and 10:00pm Film4+1)

Star Trek II: The Wrath Of KhanOn: Channel 4Date: Sunday 27th JuneTime: 11:25pm (and 00:25am 28th June 4+1)

S.W.A.T.On: Five USADate: Friday 25th JuneTime: 9:00pm

The Day After TomorrowOn: Film4Date: Saturday 26th JuneTime: 9:00pm (and 10:00pm Film4+1)

The HostOn: Film4Date: Saturday 26th JuneTime: 11:20pm (and 00:20am 27th June Film4+1)

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The InvasionOn: FIVERDate: Friday 25th JuneTime: 9:00pm (and 9:00om 28th June)

The JerkOn: ITV4Date: Saturday 26th JuneTime: 00:25am (and 1:25am ITV4+1)

The Ladykillers (1955)On: G.O.L.D.Date: Saturday 26th JuneTime: 1:00pm (and 2:00pm Gold+1, 10:45/11:45am 27th June)

The Lost WorldOn: ITV2Date: Sunday 27th JuneTime: 5:25pm (and 6:25pm ITV2+1, 9/10:00pm 28th June)

The Matrix RevolutionsOn: WatchDate: Saturday 26th JuneTime: 10:00pm (and 11:00pm Watch+1, 9/10:00pm 27th June)

The Railway ChildrenOn: ITV3Date: Friday 25th JuneTime: 3:00pm (and 4:00pm ITV3+1)

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The Truman ShowOn: Film4Date: Sunday 27th JuneTime: 5:10pm (and 6:10pm Film4+1, 7:05/8:05pm 30th June)

Three Amigos!On: LIVINGDate: Saturday 26th JuneTime: 4:00pm (and 5/6:00pm Living+1/+2, 1:30/2:30/3:30pm 27th June)

TwisterOn: ITV2Date: Saturday 26th JuneTime: 8:30pm (and 9:30pm ITV2+1)

Uncle BuckOn: ITV3Date: Saturday 26th JuneTime: 8:00pm (and 9:00pm ITV3+1, 5/6:00pm 27th June)

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (1971)On: ITV3Date: Sunday 27th JuneTime: 7:00pm (and 8:00pm ITV3+1)