Geek shows and movies on UK TV in the coming week

Spaced repeats from episode one, and there's a bit of Harry Hill. Fortunately, there are also lots and lots of great movies on UK TV this coming week...

Well, we hope you’re a movie fan, because there aren’t many TV shows to highlight. In fact, all we can point to is some overflow from last week’s abundant new starts and returning series.

We missed telling you that the newest series of the prop explosion Harry Hill’s TV Burp returned for an eleventh go at its neighbours on the telly schedules. But, not to worry, as it’s often repeated and you can catch the first episode when it shows again tonight, Friday, February 11th at 8:30pm, or Saturday, February 12th at 6:50pm. Our hope is that the Heather-look-a-likey has been retired, but we never tire of the Knitted Character, or any pals it wants to bring along to the new series.

If you’re looking forward to the return of one of the best buddy combos of the last decade in Paul, you can relive the magic of a freshly blossomed bromance in the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost pairing on the brilliant and unique Spaced, airing on More4. To start where it all began, watch the first episode, appropriately named Beginnings, on 4OD here, and then the second of seven episodes from the first season, Gatherings, airs at 11:40pm on Sunday, February 13th. The constant film and TV references seem right off the pages of this very site and would make a great game of spotting first among gathered guests, but the comedy and performances are so fine, it’d be a shame to detract from them. Perhaps save that for the boxset?

Luckily, there are plenty of great films to catch over the next seven days, including a flock of Hitchcock flicks, superheroes, old and newer, in Batman and Superman flavours, and some classic and current horror and comedy, often in the same film! (Including a Pegg and Frost buddy coupling that survives the worst extremes imaginable in Shaun Of The Dead on Saturday night.)

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Now, on to those films showing through the weekend and a bit beyond. As always, if we missed anything interesting, have a shout in the comments, with our thanks.

Please also note: the ordinal numbers for dates will help you scan through this simple list with your browser’s search function. Enter ’12th’ in your browser’s Find box or window to highlight and/or tab through all movies shown on Saturday. Enjoy!

BatmanOn: ITV2Date: Friday 11th FebruaryTime: 10:00pm (and 11:00pm ITV2+1)

Batman BeginsOn: ITV2Date: Saturday 12th FebruaryTime: 9:00pm (and 10:00pm ITV2+1)

Body Of LiesOn: Sky3Date: Saturday 12th FebruaryTime: 9:00pm

BraveheartOn: more4Date: Friday 11th FebruaryTime: 9:00pm (and 11:05pm 12th Feb)

Dark BlueOn: Five USADate: Friday 11th FebruaryTime: 9:00pm (and 10:00pm Five USA+1)

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Demolition ManOn: TCMDate: Wednesday 16th FebruaryTime: 9:00pm (and 1:20am 17th Feb)

Die Hard 4.0On: Film4Date: Monday 14th FebruaryTime: 9:00pm (and 10:00pm Film4+1)

Ferris Bueller’s Day OffOn: Film4Date: Saturday 12th FebruaryTime: 9:00pm (and 10:00pm Film4+1)

FrailtyOn: Film4Date: Tuesday 15th FebruaryTime: 01:20am (and 2:20am Film4+1)

Friday The 13thOn: TCMDate: Saturday 12th FebruaryTime: 11:50pm

HighlanderOn: ITV4Date: Thursday 17th FebruaryTime: 11:25pm (and 00:25am 18th Feb ITV4+1)

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Kill Bill: Vol. 2On: WatchDate: Saturday 12th FebruaryTime: 10:05pm (and 11:05pm Watch+1, 10/11:00pm 13th Feb)

L.A. ConfidentialOn: Channel 4Date: Sunday 13th FebruaryTime: 11:55pm (and 00:55am 14th Feb 4+1)

La Vie En RoseOn: BBC 2Date: Saturday 12th FebruaryTime: 11:50pm

LauraOn: Channel 4Date: Monday 14th FebruaryTime: 12:30pm (and 1:30pm 4+1)

LemmingOn: Channel 4Date: Saturday 12th FebruaryTime: 02:05am (and 3:05am 4+1)

Let Him Have ItOn: True MoviesDate: Sunday 13th FebruaryTime: 7:00pm

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Midnight RunOn: ITV4Date: Sunday 13th FebruaryTime: 9:00pm (and 10:00pm ITV4+1)

My Name Is BruceOn: SyFyDate: Saturday 12th FebruaryTime: 02:00am (and 3:00am Syfy+1)

Napoleon DynamiteOn: Film4Date: Saturday 12th FebruaryTime: 7:10pm (and 8:10pm Film4+1)

National Lampoon’s VacationOn: GOLDDate: Sunday 13th FebruaryTime: 00:20am (and 1:20am Gold+1, 10:35/11:35pm 13th Feb)

North By NorthwestOn: FiveDate: Saturday 12th FebruaryTime: 4:20pm

Office SpaceOn: Film4Date: Sunday 13th FebruaryTime: 9:00pm (and 10:00pm Film4+1)

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On Her Majesty’s Secret ServiceOn: ITV4Date: Friday 11th FebruaryTime: 10:00pm (and 11:00pm ITV4+1, 12:15/1:15pm 12th Feb)

Pale RiderOn: ITV4Date: Monday 14th FebruaryTime: 11:55pm (and 00:55am ITV4+1, 9/10:00pm 17th Feb)

PocahontasOn: FiveDate: Sunday 13th FebruaryTime: 5:15pm

Raising ArizonaOn: Film4Date: Friday 11th FebruaryTime: 10:55pm (and 11:55pm Film4+1)

Rear WindowOn: FiveDate: Saturday 12th FebruaryTime: 2:10pm

RepulsionOn: BBC 2Date: Sunday 13th FebruaryTime: 02:00am

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RushmoreOn: Film4Date: Sunday 13th FebruaryTime: 10:45pm (and 11:45pm Film4+1)

School Of RockOn: Film4Date: Sunday 13th FebruaryTime: 6:40pm (and 7:40pm Film4+1)

Shaun Of The DeadOn: ITV1Date: Saturday 12th FebruaryTime: 11:00pm

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes BackOn: ITV1Date: Saturday 12th FebruaryTime: 3:35pm

SupermanOn: TCMDate: Saturday 12th FebruaryTime: 9:00pm (and 3:00pm 13th Feb, 6:35am 14th Feb)

Superman 2On: TCMDate: Sunday 13th FebruaryTime: 6:30pm (and 9:25am 14th Feb)

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The AbyssOn: Film4Date: Sunday 13th FebruaryTime: 01:10am (and 2:10am Film4+1)

The BirdsOn: ITV1Date: Monday 14th FebruaryTime: 02:00am

The Butterfly EffectOn: E4Date: Wednesday 16th FebruaryTime: 9:00pm (and 10:00pm E4+1)

The CraziesOn: Sky Movies PremiereDate: Friday 11th FebruaryTime: 10:10pm (and 11:10pm Premiere+1, then daily at similar times through 17th Feb)

The Dam BustersOn: ITV4Date: Sunday 13th FebruaryTime: 4:30pm

The Evil DeadOn: SyFyDate: Saturday 12th FebruaryTime: 00:20am (and 1:20am Syfy+1 & 10/11:00pm)

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The League Of Extraordinary GentlemenOn: Channel 4Date: Saturday 12th FebruaryTime: 7:00pm (and 8:00pm 4+1)

The Rocky Horror Picture ShowOn: Channel 4Date: Sunday 13th FebruaryTime: 00:20am (and 1:20am 4+1)

The Royal TenenbaumsOn: BBC 1Date: Wednesday 16th FebruaryTime: 11:30pm

The Spider WomanOn: TCMDate: Friday 11th FebruaryTime: 7:45pm (and 11:10am 12th Feb)

The War Of The RosesOn: Film4Date: Tuesday 15th FebruaryTime: 9:00pm (and 10:00pm Film4+1)

Young FrankensteinOn: Film4Date: Saturday 12th FebruaryTime: 11:05pm (and 00:05am 13th Feb Film4+1)

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