The NSFW Dune 2 Popcorn Bucket Is a Toothy Nightmare You Can’t Unsee

This Dune 2 popcorn bucket has the internet very hot and bothered...

Dune Sandworm
Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Exclusive popcorn buckets commemorating big new theatrical releases are par for the course these days, but nothing could prepare us for Dune 2‘s take on the container, which is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Frankly, we’re a bit uneasy about the idea of eating popcorn out of a sandworm, but others on the internet have had a different reaction to the snack vessel. Some folks are very hot and bothered over the toothy (and, to their minds, NSFW) bucket.

The bucket, designed to look like an Arrakis sandworm is sticking out of it and ready to chomp down on your appendages, has become the butt of a few…unsavory jokes on social media, with more than a few references to a certain kind of sex toy as well as one particular Barry Keoghan scene in Saltburn

First spotted by YouTuber Cris Parker, the popcorn bucket, which demands you stick your hand inside the sandworm’s mouth and past its sharp teeth to get your snack, quickly went viral. It remains to be seen whether you’ll be able to reach for your popcorn and pull your hand back out unscathed on movie night, but it’s best to err on the side of caution in and avoid getting too frisky with this thing.

Although the popcorn bucket hasn’t officially been announced, and it’s unclear which movie chains will carry the bucket, at least one franchise has reassured moviegoers they have nothing to fear on Dune 2 night.

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“No, we will not have the cursed Dune popcorn bucket,” confirmed Alamo Drafthouse.

Dune 2 hits theaters on March 1.