Den Of Thieves 2 is happening, story details revealed

Gerard Butler will return to head up the cast, and more details on Den Of Thieves 2 have landed...

Nearly two months since the announcement that Den Of Thieves 2 is a thing, its director – Christian Gudegast – has given a new interview in which he explains the direction his sequel is going to go.

As per a new interview with Gudegast over at Screen Rant, he confirmed that he was deliberately setting up the first film for a sequel, and that “the sequel will be something that I have researched for years and years”.

He gave a few details, too. “I’m adapting a different story to make it a sequel about the Pink Panther mafia and the diamond thieves from Europe. It’s all going to be set in Europe. And it’s going be about Big Nick hunting Donnie, who’s involved in a diamond heist and he’s teamed up with the former Pink Panther mafia, and it’s about Nick hunting him along with… Nick is also going to be hunted by another group, I won’t reveal right now”.

Promising a fair few twists, he added that “it’ll be hopefully very surprising”.

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The full interview can be found here. No release date for the sequel has thus far been announced.

February 2018

We quite enjoyed the recent Den Of Thieves, a bit of a Heat-lite mix of crime and action, starring Gerard Butler. It may not have been a huge critical smash, but it’s done decent business at the box office, earning around $60m worldwide off a $30m budget.

Still, it’s something of a surprise that that’s enough cash to warrant a sequel. However, a sequel is what we’re getting. Den Of Thieves 2 is in the works, with the main cast and crew set to return. That includes director Christian Gudegast, along with 50 Cent and more than likely O’Shea Jackson Jr.

Gudegast is penning the screenplay, with the action on the streets of Europe.

No release date has thus far been announced for the new movie, but we’ll keep you posted.

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