Avatar: the first reviews

Yesterday, many people in the world got to see James Cameron's Avatar. And many people really seemed to like it...


Bah. We’re banned from telling you what we think of both Avatar and Sherlock Holmes until early next week. But in the case of the former, some reviews have been starting to filter out, and the word is very, very good indeed. So here’s a round of early reaction to James Cameron’s ultra-expensive science fiction extravaganza…

The Guardian:

“So by saying Avatar was really much, much better than expected, that it looked amazing and that the story was gripping – if cheesy in many places – the Guardian is in technical breach of the agreement. It is not a breach, however, to report that other journalists leaving the screening were also positive: the terrible film that some had been anticipating had not materialised. It was good.”, adding “There is, though, a certain amount of suspension of disbelief needed when watching Avatar.”

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The Hollywood Reporter:

“A dozen years later, James Cameron has proven his point: He is king of the world … The only question is: How will Cameron ever top this?”


“Twelve years after “Titanic,” which still stands as the all-time B.O. champ, Cameron delivers again with a film of universal appeal that just about everyone who ever goes to the movies will need to see.”

Screen International:

“It’s an unprecedented marriage of technology and storytelling which is on the whole remarkably successful.”

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The Times:

“Avatar is an overwhelming, immersive spectacle. The state-of-the-art 3D technology draws us in, but it is the vivid weirdness of Cameron’s luridly imagined tropical otherworld that keeps us fascinated.”

The Sun:

“The Sneak still recalls sitting in a cinema 12 years ago watching awestruck as Titanic slipped beneath the Atlantic waves.

The Sneak’s advice is to make sure you can say you were there when the future of cinema began.”

Ed Douglas of Coming Soon over Twitter:

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“I’ll take my chances with Fox legal…. Avatar was amazing, I loved it!”

Alex Billington of First Showing over Twitter:

“James Cameron is a freakin’ genius! I can’t say much but wow, I loved it. Avatar was phenomenal, pretty much blew me away.”

Chasewhale of GordonAndTheWhale over Twitter:

“Just finished AVATAR. Special effects were top notch. The movie ran a little long for my likings but I liked it!”

The Guardian

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Alex Billington


Given that Fox legal has already sent us one letter about Avatar, we’re playing by the embargo, sadly. Unless you happen to get us very inebriated in a pub, or the review embargo is officially lifted. But expect our full review of this, and of Sherlock Holmes, next week at the very latest…