Will A Quiet Place Part 3 Happen?

All signs point to A Quiet Place Part III picking up where Part II left off... and not stopping there.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt making A Quiet Place
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This article contains spoilers for A Quiet Place Part II.

At the end of A Quiet Place Part II, things are flipped from how the first movie resolved its terror. A Quiet Place was all about parents protecting their children, even—in the case of alpha male dad John Krasinski—at the cost of their own life.

In the sequel, however, we close on the sight of the two oldest children of the Abbott family—deaf and resourceful Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and her dopey younger brother Marcus (Noah Jupe)—finding their courage to step up to protect their mom (Emily Blunt), their new baby sibling, and Emmett (Cillian Murphy), an initially fearful neighbor who gradually regains his own confidence. The exact details of the ending can be found here, but suffice to say that A Quiet Place Part II ends with both Marcus and Regan standing triumphantly over the dead bodies of alien foes. Everyone has split up for reasons but in a strange way, they are sharing their separate victories as the movie fades (or rather, cuts abruptly) to black.

That’s the thing: this movie ends on such a jarring note, with so much left unanswered, that all it’s missing is a big “To Be Continued” card flashing across the screen before the credits roll. It’s very clear that Krasinski, who wrote this one on his own in addition to directing it, has another installment in mind. Which perhaps makes A Quiet Place Part II feel like its spinning its wheels a little.

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In an interview with Collider, Blunt, who is married to Krasinski, explained that her husband has a whole slew of options in front of him for a threequel.

“He has a whole arc of ideas that could work,” Blunt said. “I think he just wanted to see how people responded to this one before he fully engaged his brain on the third one. But he has a couple of great ideas.”

Krasinski himself told the Hollywood Reporter that he’s already planted some seeds for a third movie in the current film.

“Any time I had ideas like [I had on Part I], I wrote them down in case there ever is a Part III or a third one,” the director said. “We even went so far as to put in a couple Easter eggs, so that if I did do a third one, they would connect back to the second one.”

Whether Krasinski does complete his trilogy or not, there’s already a spinoff film in the works with Krasinski coming up with the story and producing while Jeff Nichols (Midnight Special) will write and direct. In that same THR interview, Krasinski hinted at the possibility of handing the franchise off to another filmmaker, as well as the Quiet Place universe possibly expanding.

“Even though I’m the guy who did the first two, I won’t be the guy or girl who does the last one or the last two. I know that,” he remarked. “This is an amazing sandbox to play in, and whether or not I’m the guy to do any more of them or how many more of them, I don’t know.”

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While we don’t know if the Nichols film will connect directly to the story of the Abbott family in the first two A Quiet Place movies, there are definitely some narrative roads for Krasinski to explore should he complete his tale in a third movie.

There is the mysterious island discovered by Regan and Emmett, on which a peaceful community has sprung up far away from the ruined mainland. Until an alien drifts to the island on a boat, the creatures can’t get there because—as we discover in AQP2—they can’t swim (how Signs-like of these beings to come to a planet where 70 percent of the surface is covered with a substance they can’t navigate).

The community itself is barely explored or explained when Regan and Emmett arrive, and its ostensible leader (played by Djimon Hounsou, whose character doesn’t even get a name) is killed during the climactic battle with the stowaway alien. No doubt any continuation of the story will find Regan and Emmett retrieving Blunt’s Evelyn and the other kids and getting them back to the island.

There are certainly other pockets of survivors—such as the barbarians who nearly slaughter Emmett and Regan on the dock—and some of them are probably regrouping in a civilized fashion, as well. Can Regan, whose hearing aid-derived sonic weapon is so successful in disabling the monsters, become a de facto leader in a battle to reclaim the Earth from its invaders?

That would seem the most likely scenario to us should Krasinski and company proceed with A Quiet Place Part III. With Part II arriving in theaters just as the world was emerging from the worst of the pandemic, Part III may end up reflecting our own rebuilding process — and, hopefully, our triumph.

As Krasinski told us last year, A Quiet Place Part II got its title from Blunt telling her husband it doesn’t feel so much like a sequel as a direct continuation. If that’s the case, it feels like this story has yet to find its final chapter.

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A Quiet Place Part II is in theaters now.