7 cool tie-in kits from The LEGO Movie 2

Everything is awesome about these official LEGO tie-in kits for The LEGO Movie 2...

With The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part set to arrive in UK cinemas on February 8th 2019, Warner Bros and LEGO have been building hype and excitement among fans by releasing a new range of tie-in LEGO kits for the film. 

Given that this movie franchise is a celebration of all things LEGO, stuffed with talented Master Builders and epic fan-pleasing designs, you probably could’ve guessed that these tie-in kits are pretty eye-catching. You could even argue, if you fancied shoehorning in a reference, that everything is awesome about them.

Here are seven epic examples from The LEGO Movie 2‘s tie-in range of kits, with links off to buy them if you fancy treating yourself…

Welcome To Apocalypseburg!

The big daddy of this range is an absolute beauty: the Welcome To Apocalypseburg set consists of 3,178 pieces and comes with 12 brand new Minifigures (including updated versions of Emmet, Lucy, Batman, Harley Quinn and Green Lantern). Depicting an apocalyptic setting from the film, which is built in and around the Statue of Liberty, this kit boasts numerous rooms that have tonnes of cool details and moving parts. It’ll be a nice challenge to build, and really fun to play with, and it’ll cost you £279.99 from The LEGO Shop.

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Battle-ready Batman and MetalBeard

At the cheaper end of the price spectrum, this set reminds us that Will Arnett’s hilarious turn as LEGO Batman is one of the best things about this movie series. Here, the black-or-very-dark-grey-wearing vigilante is plonked on a fairly hardcore throne in a battle with the pirate known as MetalBeard (here decked out with a massive mech suit). The set weighs in at 168 pieces, and it could be yours through the LEGO Shop for just £17.99. Our favourite detail has to be the adjustable ‘You’re Welcome’ sign adorning Batman’s throne.

Rex’s Rexplorer!

As well as playing the loveable everyman Emmet in The LEGO Movie 2, Chris Pratt is also lending his voice to a hunky hero character named Rex Dangervest – it’s a playful dichotomy that seems like a very deliberate riff on the two types of character that Pratt has become famous for portraying. You get both versions of Pratt with this 1,187-piece kit, which also features Rex’s ultra-cool vehicle (complete with spring-loaded weapons, rotating engines and opening cockpits) and some brick-built ‘Plantimals’ to do battle with. It’s currently £109.99 at The LEGO Shop, and the raptor that’s included should give you a good idea of which Pratt role is being gently mocked at here.

Pop-Up Party Bus

The shifting emotions of Unikitty (voiced by Alison Brie) provided a lot of laughs in the first LEGO Movie, and we’re pleased to see that this brick-built feline is now the proud owner of a Pop-Up Party Bus (complete with fold-out speakers, light-up elements and a disco ball). This 1,024-piece set costs £79.99 from The LEGO Shop, and it comes with buildable Unikitty and Zebe figures, as well as mini-doll figures of Tempo and Melody. 

Emmet’s Dream House/Rescue Rocket!

With the property market the way it is, this £54.99 kit from The LEGO Shop provides an unfathomably reasonable way to pick up a dream house. You might’ve glimpsed this yellow and blue homestead in the promo clips for the film, where it’s clear that Emmet dreamed it up and Lucy (voiced by Elizabeth Banks) isn’t convinced. In this brilliantly imaginative kit, Emmet’s Dream House doubles up as an escape rocket, and it also comes with a buildable Unikitty and a Rex minifigure.

MetalBeard’s Heavy Metal Motor Trike!

Is your collection of geeky swag truly complete if you aren’t the proud owner of a Heavy Metal Motor Trike? We’d argue that it’s not, as this brilliantly named and eye-pleasingly designed kit would look truly top-notch on any shelf. It costs £54.99 from The LEGO Shop, consists of 461 pieces, and comes with both a Benny minifigure and a Sweet Mayhem mini-doll figure. As for features, the adjustable shark shooter is the absolute highlight. 

Emmet and Lucy’s Visitors from the DUPLO Planet

The tag at the end of The LEGO Movie promised that visitors from the Planet DUPLO would be showing up in the sequel, and now the proof of that promise being fulfilled is very much in the pudding: not only are there DUPLO characters in the second film, but there is also a tie-in DUPLO kit in real-life! So, whether you fancy getting a young-un their first piece of buildable movie merch or just buying this yourself as something a bit different for the collection, pop over to The LEGO Shop where you can buy this 53-piece kit for £24.99.

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The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part hits UK cinemas on February 8th, and you can browse the full range of tie-in kits over at The LEGO Shop. Happy building, folks!