Batman and Superman: 13 Amazing LEGO Sets on Amazon

The Dark Knight and The Man Of Steel are also available in brick form!

The DC universe and the brick-based world of LEGO make for a wonderful blend, as The LEGO Batman Movie reminded us not that long ago, so you might be interested to know that Amazon has many LEGO kits related to the iconic Dark Knight and Man Of Steel of DC Comics lore.

Here are 13 of the best LEGO sets featuring Batman and/or Superman… 

The Speedwagon

There’s been no shortage of LEGO Batmobiles over the last few years (as you’re about to learn), but this latest one, “The Speedwagon” from The LEGO Batman Movie, is a real beauty. It’s consisted of 581 pieces, so it’s not too tough of a build. Plus, it comes with Minifigures of Batman, Robin, Man-Bat, and the clawed menaces the Kabuki Twins.

Buy The Speedwagon on Amazon

The Tumbler

Or, if gritty Bat-vehicles are your cup of tea, this LEGO version of The Dark Knight Trilogy’s Tumbler may be of interest. If it’s good enough for Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale, it’s good enough for us. It’s far bigger than The Speedwagon at 1,869 pieces, and a smidge more serious. It’s also an older kit, though, meaning the price has increased significantly since its initial release.

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Black Zero Escape

This Man Of Steel set is a simpler one, at just 168 pieces. It’s a lot of fun, too, pitting Henry Cavill’s Superman and Amy Adams’ Lois Lane against Michael Shannon’s General Zod in a battle involving spaceships and projectiles.

Buy the Black Zero Escape set on Amazon

Sky High Battle

It’s Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman (in his Batplane) versus Lex Luthor (in his helicopter) here, while Lois Lane hangs on for dear life, in a scene that looks far more fun than Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The set is made up of 517 pieces, including projectile missiles for the Lex-o-copter.

Buy the Sky High Battle set on Amazon

Batcave Break-In

Here’s another gem that hit shop shelves in accordance with The LEGO Batman Movie‘s release. Using 1,045 pieces, with this one you can build a Batboat, the Penguin’s “Duckmobile” and the Batcave itself. It also features various Bat-costumes, and an Alfred Minifigure.

Buy the Batcave Break-In set on Amazon

Metropolis Showdown

Nothing says Superman vs Zod quite like a small yellow car, does it? This “Metropolis Showdown” set slightly underplays the scale of destruction from the third act of Man Of Steel. At 119 pieces, it’s a nice easy one for beginners. For added movie-aping realism, why not build a city out of your other LEGO bricks and smash the hell out of it? Fun fact: The car has a catapult function!

Buy the Metropolis Showdown set on Amazon

Scarecrow Special Delivery

Here’s a scene that I would really love to watch in a movie: The Scarecrow attempts to deliver a (presumably toxic) pizza, before being interrupted by Batman. A security guard looks on, aghast. If any Warner Bros execs are reading this, please be aware that I would pay GOOD MONEY to watch that on screen. This 204-piece kit will have to do, for now…

Buy the Scarecrow Special Delivery set on Amazon

Battle Of Smallville

It’s Superman versus Zod (again) in this other Man Of Steel tie-in set, which is dubbed “The Battle Of Smallville”. It weighs in at 418 pieces, and features two vehicles: A Kryptonian spaceship for Zod, and a beige car thingy for the good guys. Seems like a fair fight. It also includes five Minifigures, and a number of projectile-firing weapons.

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Gotham City Cycle Chase

The closest thing you can get to a Suicide Squad LEGO set is this Batman vs Harley Quinn kit, known as the “Gotham City Cycle Chase”. The Joker’s other half and Gotham’s caped crusader each have their own motorbikes in this fun 224 piece set, and a jetpack-wearing Deadshot is also included. Worth it just for Harley’s mallet, surely.

Buy the Gotham City Cycle Chase set on Amazon

The Scuttler

Here’s another example of how much fun the LEGO team had with their recent Batman range. This 775-piece set lets you build the wall-crawling “Scuttler” from The LEGO Batman Movie, comeplte with projectile-firing weaponry and a net-shooting cannon. As well as Will Arnett’s Batman, you also get Minifigures of The Joker, Poison Ivy, Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon, and Dick Grayson.

Buy the Scuttler on Amazon

Kryptonite Interception

With this set, you can recreate that kid-friendly moment from Batman V Superman when Bats drove over a man’s head. Sadly, they’ve chosen to name the kit “Kryptonite Interception” instead of “Batmobile Murder-Fest”. It’s a relatively simple build, at 306 pieces, and it comes with a Batman Minifigure and two not-long-for-this-world LexCorp goons.

Buy the Kryptonite Interception set on Amazon

Clash Of The Heroes

What could be more fun than recreating the battle betwixt Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman? This cute little kit, consisted of just 92 pieces, lets you do just that. Also, it comes with a LEGO Batsignal! Sadly, no Martha minifigures are included.

Buy the Clash Of The Heroes set on Amazon

The Riddler Riddle Racer

And finally, we’ve got space for one more brilliantly barmy set from The LEGO Batman Movie‘s tie-in range. “The Riddler Riddle Racer” consists of 254 pieces, and includes minifigures of Batman, the Riddler and the wonderfully obscure villains Magpie, Kite Man and Calendar Man. The Riddlermobile has projectile-firing capabilities and a couple of secret compartments. That tricksy Riddler!

Buy the Riddler’s Riddle Racer set on Amazon

Before we go, would you like to hear my rejected DC Extended Universe LEGO kit pitches? “Batman Throws A Grenade Into A Crowded Room”, “Undead Superman Gets Buried” and “Metropolis Mass Grave Mayhem” are, tragically, yet to be produced…

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