23 TV shows heading to the big screen

We've dug through the upcoming movie production logs and uncovered a variety of small screen fodder heading to the movies...

Recently at Den Of Geek, we’ve uncovered a host of sequels you probably didn’t know about, and also a series of videogames that are being turned into films. We did remakes that are on the way, too.

Now? We look at the small screen shows, that are getting movie versions….

23 TV Shows Heading To The Big Screen

MagnumTom Selleck and his moustache are absent from the planned cast list of the big screen Magnum movie right now, with Matthew McConaughey in the running for the lead role. The script is written, and now it’s up to director Rawson Marshall Thunder (Dodgeball) to get it filmed for a planned 2009 release.

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I, ClaudiusProducer Scott Rudin has optioned the Robert Graves original novel, although he’ll have a tough job beating the terrific BBC adaptation of old. 2010 at the earliest for this one too, which is still at the writing stage.

The Secret Diary Of Adrian MoleAdapted for a TV show in the 1980s, Sue Townsend’s creation could be hitting the big screen, with The Wedding Date director Clare Kilner currently attached to the project. The film’s in pre-production.

Alan Partridge: The MovieSteve Coogan’s most famous and funniest creation – if you scrub the last series of I’m Alan Partridge from your memory – could yet hit the big screen, if a script ever gets completed to everyone’s satisfaction. 2009 is the earliest we’ll see it.

Arrested DevelopmentThe wonderful American sitcom that was so good it got canned is coming to the big screen! Expected release date is 2009, and all of the show’s cast and crew appear to be attached. Result!

The A TeamThe movie is still pressing ahead, with John ‘Shaft remake’ Singleton in the director’s chair. Latest casting rumours: Woody Harrelson as Murdock and Ice Cube as B.A. Take with pinches of salt. The film’s due in 2010.

Wonder WomanOriginally this had Joss Whedon attached, but he’s moved on to other things. Producer Joel Silver still has the film on his slate, though, although the targeted 2009 release date will be tough to hit.

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Masters of the UniverseJoel Silver had also been lobbying to get the rights for a big-screen adventure for He-Man and company. The project, however, seems stuck in development hell for the time being.

ThundercatsJerry O’Flaherty – a video game art director who worked on the likes of Gears Of War and Daikatana (remember that?!) – is the odd choice to direct the big screen Thundercats movie. We understand it’ll be animated rather than live action, and will be out in 2010.

V: The Second GenerationThis is looking like a television project that’s a follow on to the 1983 mini-series. Kenneth Johnson, who worked on the original V and directed Short Circuit 2 as well, is attached to the mini-series.

The SweeneyWith Ray Winstone reported to be singing on to play Regan, the planned movie of The Sweeney – buoyed in no small way by the success of Life On Mars – is moving ahead. It’s in pre-production for a 2009 release, with Nick ‘The Business’ Love directing.

HustleThe BBC’s hit con artist drama is heading to America courtesy of Fox. The big screen version has director Deon Taylor attached, and should be filming this year.

State of PlayCurrently filming for release next year is Hollywood’s remake of the cracking BBC drama series. Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams and Helen Mirren are in the cast, under the stewardship of director Kevin ‘The Last King Of Scotland’ Macdonald.

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The PrisonerWill Christopher Nolan really direct the big screen version of the iconic Patrick McGoohan TV show? With a screenplay by Janet and David Webb Peoples, this could have solid gold stamped right the way through it…

ChiPsReady for a big screen bout of Chicago Highway Patrol? Warner Bros is developing the project for possible release next year; writers are attached to the film now, with Wilma Valderrama (from Party Monster and Fast Food Nation) reported to be interesting the casting team.

Fraggle Rock The MovieGiven the fact that big screen Muppet movies are – tragically – a thing of the past (or are they – see the next entry), this one was a bit of a surprise. But Fraggle Rock has been optioned, and a writer is being sought for the project. 2009 is the earliest we’ll see it.

The MuppetsBut here’s a stop press! There’s talk of a Muppet revival, with Jason Segal and Nick Stoller writing and directing the project. Hurray!

The Smurfs Blame the huge success of Alvin & The Chipmunks for this, as now The Smurfs are being dusted down for a big screen outing. Colin Brady is down to direct, and John Lithgow may be persuaded to lend his vocal talents to the film. 2009 is the planned release year.

DallasBetty Thomas – who did the The Brady Bunch Movie (great) and Dr Doolittle (rubbish) is down to direct the big screen tale of J.R. et al. They’re looking to start filming this year, if all goes to plan. Cast is yet to be finalised, though.

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SpacedThis link is all you need to know about this one. Sigh.

The TripodsRemember the series that the BBC showed back in the 80s? Well, a bit more cash could be being spent on The Tripods this time, with Gregor ‘Buffalo Soliders’ Jordan in the director’s chair. It could hit the big screen in 2009.Prison Break: Cherry HillA potential spin-off of Fox’s hit TV series, although if it comes about it’s all but certain to be a small screen project.

Mighty MouseA big screen animated Mighty Mouse movie is being planned for 2010, with Nickelodeon stumping up the dollars to make it.

Leave your thoughts on that little lot in the comments field below…

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