Untitled Goose Game Co-Op Mode Update Coming in September

Untitled Goose Game will go from "goose on the loose" to "geese released" thanks to this co-op update.

Untitled Goose Game
Photo: Panic

Untitled Goose Game, one of the best “meme games” in recent years, is getting a new free-to-play co-op mode.

As revealed during Nintendo’s recent Indie World showcase, this co-op mode will arrive in the form of a free update currently set for release on September 23. It will support up to two-local players, and there’s currently no information regarding any plans to add online functionality. In other words, you’ll need to find a couch buddy.

The mode itself seems relatively simple. It allows you and a friend to wander through the original game’s levels while finding ways to utilize the presence of an additional player to cause additional mayhem and come up with creative solutions to the game’s various puzzles. While it sounds like this mode won’t vary too much from the original game in that respect, it’s actually somewhat impressive that the original game’s design can support a post-release co-op mode.

Besides, this co-op mode isn’t completely lacking in new content. The second player goose features a slightly different design and even has a unique honk. Also…ok, well that’s about it.

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Still, much of the joy of Untitled Goose Game came from causing as much chaos as possible with your goose. The game’s puzzles were surprisingly well-designed, but there’s certainly an inherent appeal in the idea of sharing the inherent madness of the entire experiences with another player even if the co-op mode won’t feature much in the way of brand-new content.

That isn’t all that’s new in the world of Untitled Goose Game. The title will soon be released on two new PC platforms: Steam and itch.io. Neither of those versions will offer anything in the way of exclusive content. but they will allow you to play the game on your chosen platform. Furthermore, developer House House is releasing physical versions of Untitled Goose Game for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch that are set to release on September 29 via iam8bit.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the debut trailer for the game’s upcoming co-op mode:

While this co-op update isn’t quite as extensive as the one that Ghost of Tsushima players will enjoy later this year, its’ been nothing short of stunning to see how successful Untitled Goose Game has been thus far in just about every respect. The game even managed to defeat critical darlings like Death Stranding during the 2019 awards season. If you haven’t had the chance to play it, then we highly recommend you use this upcoming update as an excuse to do so.