The Quarry Ending: How to Save Everyone

Much like Until Dawn, The Quarry features a huge cast waiting to be slaughtered. However, with the right choices, you can save (almost) everyone.

The Quarry
Photo: 2K Games

Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn is one of the scariest (and just plain best) titles to grace the PlayStation 4. Ever since that game won critical acclaim, Supermassive Games has tried to repeat that success with similar horror-themed narrative games that feature huge casts, plenty of choices, and tons of death scenes. The latest entry in their lineup of slasher trope-fueled adventures is The Quarry.

In The Quarry, players have to guide a team of teenage camp counselors to safety through relentless horrors. Life and death teeter on every decision players make, and the story is far from forgiving. One wrong move can result in a domino effect that ends up killing everyone. But, if players remain vigilant and make smart decisions, not only can they maximize the number of survivors, but they can actually make sure everyone survives the night. This is no easy task, but it is possible with a bit of experimentation and a little bit of luck. Alternatively, you could just read this guide.

Here’s every important narrative choice needed to save every main character in The Quarry, not counting QTE events. For the sake of simplicity, we will only cover story choices. Unless otherwise stated, do not fail any QTEs. Doing so can easily lead to a character’s death.

Furthermore, this guide is designed to help you keep Laura, Max, Abigail, Kaitlyn, Nick, Emma, Ryan, Dylan, and Jacob alive. If a character isn’t on that list, that means that it currently doesn’t seem possible to keep them alive.

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The Quarry Save Everyone Ending: Every Correct Prologue Choice

  • As Laura, pick the map instead of the leaflet, and later pick the snoop option.
  • During the conversation with Max, pick “Compliant.”
  • During the conversation with the sheriff, pick “Honest,” then “Honest” again, then “Friendly,” then “Compliant,” and finally “Relieved.”
  • When Laura breaks into the quarry, take the wrenches instead of the hammer, and pick the “Confident” dialogue option.
  • When Max is attacked, pick “Help Max.”

The Quarry Save Everyone Ending: Every Correct Chapter 1 Choice

  • As Jacob, pick the “Reflective” dialogue option during the first conversation with Kaitlyn.
  • During the next conversation between Kaitlyn and Jacob, pick “Playful,” “Mischievous,” and then “Brave.” 
  • When sabotaging the car, steal the rotor arm instead of breaking the fuel line
  • As Jacob, pick the “Friendly” response after the QTE.
  • As Emma, chose to “Break-In” in order to retrieve the bags.
  • When inside the cabin, pick up the teddy bear and choose to “Keep” it.
  • As Abigail, during her conversation with Emma, pick “Enthusiastic,” then “Scenic Route,” and finally “Supportive.”
  • As Dylan when at the cabin, “Nudge” Dylan to talk to Abigail, then pick the “Friendly,” “Supportive,” and “Understanding” responses.
  • When Chris Hackett receives a phone call, make Ryan eavesdrop on it instead of listening to a podcast. During the conversation that follows, choose “Concerned,” “Apologetic,” and finally “Inquisitive.”
  • After the quick time event, pick “Compliant,” “Insistent,” “Supportive,” and “Reluctant” in that order.

The Quarry Save Everyone Ending: Every Correct Chapter 2 Choice

  • When breaking into the cabin, kick the door down.
  • As Emma, call Jacob to look at a locked room. Be sure to pick up the shotgun.
  • After opening the safe, leave the fireworks, and then pick the “Affectionate” response.
  • As Dylan, charge your phone, then pick the “Friendly” conversation choice.
  • Walk around the desk in the office, observe the trap door, choose “Suspicious,” and then “Climb down.”
  • After exiting the basement, select “Playful.”
  • Examine the shotgun on the wall, then pick the “Serious” response. Next, interact with the door next to the shotgun, and interact with the wardrobe inside. Pick the “Mischievous” response.
  • When done exploring, return to the phone and choose “Head to party.”
  • As Nick, when walking to the party with Abigail, you can head towards either Shady Glade or Rocky Road. If you picked Rocky Road, choose the “Uncertain” response during the subsequent conversation. If you picked Shady Glade, select the “Sincere” response instead.
  • After Rocky Road, pick the “Sincere” and “Cheerful” choices. If you visited Shady Glade, select the “Cheerful” option instead.
  • At the lake, after Kaitlyn takes a picture, select “Honest,” then “Serious,” and, finally, “Stern.”
  • After Kaitlyn walks away, select “Hopeful” as Nick.
  • After shooting the bottles, choose “Gloating.”
  • At the campfire, “Interrupt” the question, then pick “Truth,” “Mischievous,” Kaitlyn,” and “Mischievous.”

The Quarry Save Everyone Ending: Every Correct Chapter 3 Choice

  • As Abigail, select “Call back.” During her conversation with Nick, pick “Honest,” “Cautious,” and “Kiss.”
  • During the monster attack, choose to “Help Nick.” Then, “Run,” “Smash,” and “Don’t Climb Tree.” Finally, hold Abigail’s breath by holding down the X button.
  • As Jacob, interact with the empty towel box.
  • At the lake, pick “Enthusiastic,” followed by “Don’t Splash,” “Flirt,” “Dive In,” “Grab,” and finally “Detangle.”
  • As Ryan, choose “Worried,” then “Assertive.”
  • When running to rescue Nick, take the shortcut, and then take another shortcut. Next, “Shout” and then “Shoot” the target (don’t miss).
  • As Jacob, choose “Don’t Call Out,” pick the “Pleading” option, and then “Don’t Throw dirt.”

The Quarry Save Everyone Ending: Every Correct Chapter 4 Choice

  • When dealing with Nick’s wound, first “Apply Pressure.” Next, pick the “Dismissive” response.
  • As Ryan, pick “Call Out.” After the bushes rustle, choose “Don’t Shoot” and “Don’t Shoot” when the bushes rustle a second time. Then select “Questioning,” and finally “Let Go.”
  • As Emma, select “Reflective,” then “Compassionate.” Next, choose “Search Bag.”
  • When Emma is attacked select “Use Taser,” and then “Take Photo.” When running away from the creature, pick “Smash” and “Spray.”
  • To escape from the creature, first “Block door,” then “Use trapdoor” and “Smash.”
  • As Dylan, pick the “Optimistic,” “Hopeful,” “Determined,” “Suspicious,” “Calm,” and “Defensive.” choices. Finally, decide to give the gun to Kaitlyn.
  • As Emma, “Reel Slowly.” Also, be sure to select “Don’t Speed Up” when prompted.

The Quarry Save Everyone Ending: Every Correct Chapter 5 Choice

  • During Nick’s conversation with Abigail, pick “Grateful.” When he hears a noise, choose ” Don’t Speak up” and then pick the “Reassuring” option.
  • While Kaitlyn is evading Bobby Hackett, if you fail a QTE, Bobby will eventually pick up a table. Shoot it. If you don’t fail the QTEs, you will still have to pass a “Hold Breath” event by holding down the X button.
  • Back with Nick and Abigail, select “Confident,” “Intrigued,” and “Hide.” Then, “Hold Breath.”
  • As Dylan, pick “Confident.” Then as Ryan, select “Interested,” “Concerned,” and then “Apologetic.” 
  • When you hear noise on the roof, choose “Don’t Shoot.”
  • As Ryan again, pick “Aggressive,” “Confident,” “Calm,” and finally “Desperate.”
  • In order to cut off Dylan’s hand, pick the “Chainsaw.”
  • When Kaitlyn asks if it’s safe, pick “Uncertain.”

The Quarry Save Everyone Ending: Every Correct Chapter 6 Choice

  • After Emma screams at Jacob, pick “Delighted,” then “Apologetic.”
  • When a creature growls, “Hide” after the QTE and then “Hold Breath.”
  • Jacob’s leg will get caught in a bear trap. To escape, choose “Pry open.”
  • After finding Kaylee’s body, as Kaitlyn, select “Compassionate.” Then, when Nick starts acting weird, choose to “Intervene.”
  • When Nick struggles to swim, select “Help Nick.”
  • As Abigail, select the “Calm” option when talking to Nick, followed by “Compassionate.”
  • When Nick attacks, shoot him with the shotgun.
  • While Emma finds the Hacketts, choose “Don’t Run.”
  • After Abigail comes to terms with shooting Nick, select “Reassuring,” “Suspicious,” and finally “Interested.”

The Quarry Save Everyone Ending: Every Correct Chapter 7 Choice

  • When starting the flashback with Laura in a cell, choose “Don’t Call Out.”
  • During the interrogation, pick the “Compliant” option, then the second “Compliant option.” Next, select “Intrigued,” then “Pleading.”
  • After the interrogation, choose “Don’t Lash Out.”
  • Back in the jail cell, first pick “Concerned,” then “Disappointed,” “Compliant,” and finally “Worried.”
  • Pick the spoon next to the bed, and select “Fearful” when talking to the sheriff again.
  • When talking to Max, pick “Serious,” “Reflective,” “Encouraging,” and “Empathetic.”
  • After the flashback ends, choose the “Calm” response.
  • Back in the flashback, select the “Curious” dialogue option, followed by “Optimistic,” and “Skeptical.”
  • When the sheriff receives a call, select “Don’t Call For Help.”
  • While Max is visibly distressed, pick “Compassionate.”
  • After leaving the cell and exploring, inspect the birthday card and the calendar in the upstairs office. Then, pick up the syringe in the locker.
  • Return to the cell, but before going to sleep, remember to hide the syringe in the wall.
  • After the sheriff returns, select the “Honest” response, followed by “Confident.”
  • No matter how much you are tempted, be sure to choose “Don’t Take Gun.”
  • After resisting the urge to steal the sheriff’s gun, pick “Confused” and then “Encouraging,” followed by “Resigned” and “Empathetic.”
  • Use the syringe on the sheriff, and then pick “Anxious.”
  • Once the flashback ends, pick “Reassuring,” then “Show Bite.”
  • As Jacob, select the “Pleading” option.

The Quarry Save Everyone Ending: Every Correct Chapter 8 Choice

  • As Ryan, pick “Uncertain,” “Curious,” “Suspicious,” “Guarded,” “Compassionate,” and then “Friendly.” 
  • While Laura walks with Ryan, select “Inquisitive,” “Reflective,” and finally “Compassionate.”
  • After walking a lot more with Ryan, pick “Patient” as Laura.
  • While wandering through a house as Kaitlyn, choose “Honest” and then “Encouraging.”
  • After finding Jacob, choose “Don’t Open Cage.” Then choose “Stop Laura,” afterwards chose to “Help Jacob.”
  • To open the correct cages and escape, first flip breakers 1 and 2, pick “Continue,” and then flip breakers 2 and 3
  • As Abigail, choose “Break In.”
  • Choose to “Keep” the Teddy Bear you find.
  • As Emma, select “Enthusastic, Scenic Route, and Supportive.”
  • Whle driving, choose “Nudge,” “Friendly,” Supportive,” and “Understanding.”
  • When the camp director is on the phone, select “Eavesdrop,” “Concerned,” “Apologetic,” and “Inqusitive.”
  • After the QTE, choose “Compliant,” “Insistent,” “Supportive,” and “Reluctant.”

The Quarry Save Everyone Ending: Every Correct Chapter 9 Choice

  • During Dylan’s conversation with Kaitlyn, choose “Positive” and “Curious.”
  • As Abigail, when talking with Emma, pick the two “Curious” responses.
  • When Laura confronts Constance Hackett, win the QTE.
  • After the Hacketts leave Ryan alone, choose “Don’t Pull Knife.”
  • As Ryan, search the cabinet. When Bobby Hackett approaches, “Hide” in the cabinet and “Hold Breath.”
  • As Laura, “Hide,” and then “Hold Breath.”
  • After Jedediah attacks Laura, and after winning the QTE, select “Attack” and “Smash.”
  • As Ryan again, “Hold Breath” after a QTE, and when Bobby Hackett attacks, select “Stab.” When Laura returns, pick “Sympathetic,” followed by “Accept.” Finally, “Don’t Pull Away.”
  • When Dylan is alone with Katilyn in the junkyard, pick “Encouraging.”
  • When Dylan sees lights going on, select “Warn Kaitlyn.” To save her from the monster, sound the horn. From there, you’ll need to pick “Smash” and “Smash.”
  • While Abigail is alone, inspect the fuse box.
  • Back with Ryan a monster attacks the sheriff and Bobby Hackett. After Bobby dies, Ryan picks up the shotgun. “Shoot” the monster to kill it, and then pick “Suspicious.”

The Quarry Save Everyone Ending: Every Correct Chapter 10 Choice

  • On the dock as Max, select “Stay” instead of swimming to shore.
  • While wandering through the house, Kaitlyn will find an oil painting. If you are ready, select “Prepare for attack” to enter the final stretch.
  • When the monster attacks, “Run,” then select “Beam.” After crossing the beam, select “Smash” and “Run” again, and then “Investigate.” The monster will attack, so it’s time to “Shoot.” Don’t miss.
  • While in the car, pick “Inquisitive. When the werewolf attacks select “Grab Gun,” then “Take Cover.”
  • After the sheriff pulls over, choose the “Determined” response. Ryan will try to give Laura a vial; refuse by picking “Give to Ryan.” Then select “Probing,” followed by “Reflective.”
  • When Laura finally finds Silas, choose “Don’t Raise gun.” The Sheriff will try to take it, which will activate a QTE. This is the only QTE you should fail. Finally, shoot Silas.

And that’s it. Congratulations, you’ve escaped The Quarry with every protagonist alive, if a little worse for wear. But the game has more endings to explore, so restart the game and make some different decisions next time. Who knows what will happen.