Will The Last of Us Remake Come to PS4 and PC?

The Last of Us is finally getting a PS5 remake, but does that mean PS4 and PC gamers are out of luck?

The Last of Us Remake
Photo: PlayStation Studios

Now that the cat is out of the bag and The Last of Us‘ PS5 remake has been leaked ahead of its previously scheduled debut, millions of fans are wondering when they’ll actually be able to get their hands on the game. More specifically, gamers who are still without a PS5 are wondering if there is any chance that they’ll be able to play this remake on their PS4 or PC.

For those who didn’t hear, 2013’s The Last of Us is indeed getting that long-awaited PS5 remake. Even better, it is scheduled to be released for the PS5 on September 2, 2022. While the remake will feature much-improved graphics, all of the original game’s single-player content, and a few modern gameplay enhancements, it will not include any version of The Last of Us‘ underrated Factions multiplayer mode. Furthermore, it will retail for $70: the price point typically reserved for Triple-A next-gen exclusives.

Indeed, that price point probably leaves you to assume that The Last of Us remake will be a true next-gen exclusive that only PS5 gamers will get to enjoy. So far as other consoles go, that certainly does seem to be the case.

At this time, PlayStation has not shared any plans to port The Last of Us remake to PS4. As the game’s trailer indicates, the remake is being built from the ground up for the PS5, which obviously means that the beloved (but aging) PS4 hardware probably wouldn’t be able to properly run the remake in a way that would allow you to experience its biggest new feature: those improved visuals. Of course, PS4 owners can always turn to that console’s exceptional Last of Us remaster. It might not be as visually impressive as this remake will be, but it does include the original game’s multiplayer mode, full single-player content, and benefits from a much more reasonable price point. It’s also still a great-looking game in its own right.

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In case you’re somehow wondering, you should also know that there is no way The Last of Us remake will come to the Nintendo Switch or Xbox unless some kind of seismic shift in industry dynamics occurs in the very near future. That means that console gamers who really want to play this remake will need a PS5 and a spare $70.

However, PC gamers seem to be in luck. The trailer for The Last of Us remake ends with a note that reveals the remake is in development for PC. While the wording of that statement strongly suggests the PC version of the game will not be available on September 2, at least PC gamers know they will eventually be able to access that experience.

That’s honestly a pretty big deal given that The Last of Us has never officially been released for PC in any other format (unless you want to count those who played the game on PC via the PlayStation Now service). Not only does this mean that PC gamers will finally be able to experience one of the most acclaimed games in fairly recent memory in an ideal way, but this remake’s PC port solidifies PlayStation’s interest in bringing more games to that platform. While it’s doubtful they’ll be bringing any of their major upcoming new releases to PC the day they are available on PS consoles, ports like this and the recently confirmed PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man really do show that PlayStation is interested in diving into their back catalog and making large chunks of it available to PC gamers whenever possible.

Now, we all just need to keep our eyes open for any updates about Naughty Dog’s rumored standalone Last of Us multiplayer project and whether or not that game will ever come to PS4 or PC…