PlayStation 5: How to Switch from Vertical to Horizontal

It turns out that swapping the PS5 from vertical to horizontal is a surprisingly complicated process. Here's what you need to know...

PlayStation 5
Photo: Sony

Sony has released a somewhat surprising “teardown” video that sees Yasuhiro Ootori, VP of mechanical design at Sony Interactive Entertainment, completely disassemble the PS5 to show how its hardware and other basic functions work.

While the video was clearly meant to serve as a fun little piece of “Did You Know?” entertainment, it actually does reveal a couple of potentially noteworthy things about the console. For instance, it seems that the process of converting a PS5 from horizontal to vertical will be a little more complicated than previously anticipated.

Here’s a basic rundown of how to switch the PS5 from vertical to horizontal:

  1. Unscrew the vertical base (stand).
  2. Store the screw used to connect the vertical base to the console within a compartment in the base itself.
  3. Plug the screw hole used to connect the vertical base with the PS5.
  4. Use the vertical base’s “clips” to attach it to the back of the PS5. A series of etched PS face buttons on the back of the console will indicate where you’re supposed to attach the base.
  5. Lay the PS5 down on the side of the console that now supports the recently attached vertical base.

Why is this whole process necessary? Well, it seems that the PS5 isn’t naturally flat on either side and isn’t designed to rest on its sides without the stabilization offered by the attached base. We’re not sure exactly what would happen if you tried to rest a PS5 on its side without properly attaching the base, and unless you don’t mind potentially damaging your next-gen console, we’d strongly advise you not to be one of the first people to answer that question.

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Granted, having to attach a base to the PS5 is hardly an irredeemable inconvenience in the grand scheme of things, but it is somewhat odd that the console wasn’t designed to go from “vertical” to “horizontal” with no extra steps required. Actually, the Xbox UK team decided to have a little fun with the PS5’s design by showing fans how to swap the Xbox Series X from vertical to horizontal:

This video also answers some (but certainly not all) of our questions regarding the PS5’s noise and heat limiters. The front of the console features two rows of air vents and the back of the console is essentially just a giant air vent. That means that all of the console’s vents have ample room to breathe regardless of whether you store your PS5 vertically or horizontally. The console also utilizes liquid metal material in order to offer additional cooling and heat protection over the long-term.

For more information on the PS5’s hardware (including a video guide on how to remove and re-attach the console’s vertical base), be sure to check out the full teardown video:

All things considered, the PS5 looks like a pretty well-designed console that happens to utilize a somewhat questionable vertical/horizontal swap process.