Build Your Own PC: be quiet! Pure Base 600 PC Case

We're building a new gaming PC and we've found the perfect case. Here our thoughts on the be quiet! Pure Base 600...

This article is sponsored by be quiet! This is part 1 in our new PC Building series.

One of the most common questions people ask when building their first PC is “Which part is most important?” More often than not, they’re trying to figure out which component is worth investing the most money in.

There’s no entirely right answer, but that’s never stopped anyone from offering their opinion. Some suggest that it’s best to invest in a good graphics card right off the bat. Others identify the CPU as the heart of a computer. Then you’ve got those who rally for two of the silent MVPs of modern machines: RAM and a good SSD.

Yet, there’s one component of a custom PC that never seems to get enough love: the case.

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Take it from someone who has bought cases that were “good enough.” They’re never good enough. A good enough case doesn’t excite you,  doesn’t open up creative build possibilities, and will leave you wondering why your high-end PC is wheezing when it should be sprinting.

On the other hand, A great PC case sets the tone for the rest of your build by letting you know what is possible now and in the future, and gives the best parts plenty of room to breathe and achieve peak performance. Most importantly, a worthy case looks as great as it performs. Most of us don’t just wear clothes because they keep us warm, and none of us should buy a PC case without caring about how it looks.

Pure Base 600 Window

We’re not going to tell you what the most important part of your PC is, but we can tell you that when it came time to build our new PC in order to better explore the world of PC gaming, we had the luxury of choosing between many of the best cases out there. In the end, we chose the Pure Base 600 Window case from the experts at be quiet!

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The Pure Base 600 checks every box we outlined when talking about a great PC case. Designed to accommodate most every ATX and micro ATX configurations, its three removable HDD slots afford us some additional space which greatly increases our options when it comes to shopping and fitting some of the larger graphics cards out there. Its motherboard tray also benefits from a sizable cutout area designed to fit CPUs of just about any size.

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This case also makes water cooling a much more practical (and easier) prospect thanks to a few areas specifically designed to accommodate a water radiator. There’s even ample space to mount another radiator on the outside of the case.

What really stands out, though, is the way the Pure Base 600 makes life easier for those who don’t choose the water cooling method. Its two pre-installed Pure Wings 2 silent fans are optimized to reduce noise and put out quite a bit of air on their own. What’s really impressive, though, is the way the case filters air through its rear vent, which offers the dual benefit of efficiently cooling all of our components and making everything that much quieter. Of course, you can always customize the air flow if you prefer.

Pure Base 600 Window

Speaking of quiet, it’s hard not to love the all-over insulating material that helps ensure that the Pure Base 600 rarely rises above a whisper, even if you install up to the four additional fans that the case allows for. It’s also hard not to love the adjustable top that lets you to choose between an additional noise canceling shield, additional airflow, or something in-between.

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At the end of the day, though, what does all of that really mean? Simply put, we went with a case that will put us at ease as we choose the rest of our PC components. See, that’s one of the reasons why cases don’t always get the love they deserve when people are talking about parts. A good case gives you no problems when you’re building your PC. Everything fits well and everything runs well. 

The Pure Base 600 has one more ace up its sleeve that makes it memorable: its looks. No, it doesn’t come equipped with neon fans (though you could always add those yourself) and it isn’t shaped like something that will baffle future archaeologists. What drew us to the Pure Base 600 is how professional and clean its design is. The glass in the window model is actually tempered glass, which is a rare luxury in an industry where so many other companies just offer a plastic shield. The Pure Base 600’s interior also makes it easy to keep cables out of sight, and its sleek design draws the eye without demanding attention.

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We set out to build a PC in order to play the newest games at the highest settings, stream our favorite titles, and have multiple Google Chrome tabs open at once. When we look at that computer of our dreams, we want to see be quiet’s Pure Base 600 as the component that ties it all together.

Check out a video breakdown of the case below:

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