New World: Gold Farming Tips For the Broken Economy

It's not easy to farm gold (coin) in New World's player-driven economy, but here are a few tips that will help make the process a bit easier.

New World
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New World‘s economy has quickly proven to be a bit of a mess, which means that nearly all of the MMOs thousands of players are currently scrambling to find ways to earn a little extra gold (or “coin” as it’s technically referred to in the game).

The bad news there is that the nature of New World‘s economy means that there are few surefire ways to earn gold in this game quickly. This article does a great job of explaining the situation, but the basic problem at the moment is that the game is very stingy with currency rewards, and open-market ways to earn gold are proving to be remarkably inconsistent. While you can get around New World‘s “gold shortage” through bartering and trade, there are just certain things you’re going to need gold for at some point.

That being the case, let’s focus on a few of the surefire ways to earn gold in New World as well as a couple of gambles that could prove to be quite lucrative.

Quests, Quests, Quests

In most MMOs, questing is honestly one of the worst ways to farm gold. In New World, questing is shockingly the only truly consistent way to acquire extra money throughout the normal course of play.

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You should complete pretty much every quest that’s available to you in New World, as those quests are one of the few ways the game directly rewards you with notable amounts of gold for simply playing. Mobs will occasionally drop gold, but there’s no way you’ll ever be able to “farm” enough of them to make gold as you can in some other MMOs.

More important than completing quests to earn gold is realizing you need to save the gold you earn from quests. Once you’ve completed New World’s most lucrative quests, you will essentially have deprived yourself of the absolute best way to earn gold in the game. You will need to plan around that inevitability.

Learn Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing

In our look at New World’s professions, I theorized that Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing will probably end up becoming valuable skills. That turned out to be the case, but not for the reasons I initially suspected.

While you can absolutely sell armor and weapons for extra gold, the real value of those trade skills is the fact that they make you a much more self-sustainable player. Being able to rely on your own crafting skills for high-level armor pieces and weapons is significantly better than needing to rely on the open market or bartering for such items.

Even better, focusing on Armorsmighitng and Weaponsmithing means that you naturally get to level up other valuable skills. Speaking of which…

Farm Tier 1 Resources (Especially Iron Ore)

While crafting and selling high-value items is certainly one way to make gold in New World, the most proven gold farming methods in the game so far usually revolve around low-level (Tier 1) resources.

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Because of the way New World’s various crafting systems work, pretty much every player is going to always need Tier 1 resources in some capacity as they continue to play. While those resources may be easier to acquire and more common (and therefore less valuable on a per-unit basis), we’re quickly seeing that it seems to be better to focus on gathering low-value resources that everyone needs over high-value resources that only some players need.

Iron Ore seems to be the most valuable overall Tier 1 resource at the moment, but the point is that you shouldn’t be turned off by what appears to be the “low value” of these items as the fact that they will consistently sell quickly makes them more value than their per-unit price suggests.

Consider Which Settlement You’re Using the Trading Post In

New World’s Trading Post (essentially the game’s auction house) is kind of unique in the sense that it isn’t really a “server-wide” market. Instead, each settlement has its own market with unique market prices.

What that means is that an individual resource (let’s say Iron Ore) might sell for .01 gold in one settlement and .03 gold in another. You can check the various current settlement prices via a dropdown in the Trading Post menu, so there’s no reason not to see what the current price differences are before you commit to a buy or sell price.

While you should ideally sell your items for the highest possible price, that’s not always the best move. If it would take too long to travel to another Trading Post for a slightly higher price, it might not be worth the time it would take to get there. You also have to consider taxes and how those could impact your potential returns. The point here is to always be aware of your options.

Always Know The Value of Refined vs. Raw Resources

There are many times in New World where you’ll need to consider whether or not a crafted item is more valuable than the individual resources that go into it. There is no more “consistent’ example of that discrepancy than raw materials vs. refined materials.

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Simply put, you should never assume that refined materials are inherently worth more than raw materials. There are actually many times when selling raw materials in bulk is going to be more valuable (and easier) than trying to move smaller quantities of refined materials. That’s not always the case, but this is one of those areas where New World’s economy is just a little bit different. “Less” valuable materials can sometimes be more valuable than theoretically rarer items.

Again, though, the bigger takeaway here is that you absolutely need to always be aware of current market prices rather than just assume there are items that are inherently more valuable.

Dye is Surprisingly Valuable

It’s a little risky to recommend focusing on specific items in New World given the MMO’s ever-changing marketplace, but one early surprise is how valuable dye tends to be at Trading Posts.

Not only does it turn out that a lot of players apparently like being able to dye their apparel, but because dye is weirdly associated with the cooking skill (which some players tend to ignore), it’s one of those high-value resources that the average market isn’t always flooded with.

Don’t go all-in on dye at the moment, but definitely keep an eye open for opportunities to make some quick cash by exploiting the relatively consistent interest in this

Level Up Your Harvesting Skill as Soon as Possible

While this is another tip that is going to vary from server to server, I’ve heard a lot of people report that Harvesting is one of the most valuable skills in the game at the moment simply because it looks like a lot of people are undervaluing herbs.

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While wood and ore are certainly consistent money makers (at least by New World standards), I’ve seen even low-level herbs sell for inflated prices simply because it seems that more people are focusing on other things.

Again, that will vary from server to server, but it seems like Harvesting is one of the more reliable trade skills at the moment.

Focus on Making Consumables (and Try Not to Use Them)

Generally speaking, consumables in MMOs tend to be valuable for the same reason they’re valuable in real life: the fact that they’re typically used soon after they’re purchased.

From food to potions, pretty much anything that’s useful that can also be consumed will probably be one of your best bets for making money in the long run and the short-term. While the market will absolutely fluctuate in terms of the exact value of specific consumables, select consumables do seem to be remarkably consistent in terms of their buy/sell price.

If you’re going to focus on crafting items to eventually sell rather than focusing on selling raw resources in bulk, major consumables that appeal to a variety of level ranges tend to be your best bet.

Hoard Gold, Not Items and Resources

There are absolutely times when you will need to hoard resources. Whether you’re trying to craft a particular item or you’re waiting for a market swing to happen…well, there are certainly reasons why New World offers ample storage space.

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At the same time, it’s pretty clear at this point that gold is harder to come by than just about any other resources in New World. When it comes down to it, you just shouldn’t hesitate to salvage that new item you don’t need or sell those extra potatoes simply because gold in your pocket is often more valuable than anything but the specific item you need that gold to buy. Anything that you get through the normal course of play that you don’t necessarily need and can turn into quick gold is of the few ways this game “directly” rewards you with gold. Scavenging is a big deal in New World.

Yes, this philosophy is part of the reason why New World’s economy is a bit of a mess, but if you can’t beat them…you know the rest.

Transfer Servers (If You Have To)

It is almost inevitable at this point that Amazon is going to have to “fix” New World‘s economy in some way. There are just underlying problems with this game’s economy that can’t go unaddressed.

Having said that, taking advantage of the recently added ability to transfer to a new server in New World is absolutely one way to directly address the game’s current economy problems. Some server economies are broken past the point of obvious repair at the moment, and if you happen to play on one of those servers, it may be time to consider transferring to a new server with a lower population in order to get a fresh start.

This is not a universal solution to your potential gold woes, but you should be aware that it’s now a perfectly viable option and perhaps your best chance at a fresh start.

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