League of Legends 10.17 Patch Notes Feature Massive Qiyana Nerf

League of Legends' latest patch targets some of the game's most powerful Champions.

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

The early patch notes for League of Legends‘ 10.17 update have arrived, and they are highlighted by a series of nerfs to popular Champions.

Before we dive further into the patch notes, we should be clear that Riot has not released the full details of the latest updates. As such, the details of these changes are otherwise be joined by an additional series of changes. That said, it seems like the early information regarding this patch is accurate, especially since most of it comes from the team’s social media accounts.

Let’s start with the reverts. Caitlyn and Hecarim (both of whom were buffed in the game’s previous patch) are being moved back closer to their previous states. Caitlyn’s movement speed is being reduced, while the movement speed Hecarim earns through their Devastating Charge ability is also being reduced. On Twitter, League of Legends designer Mark Yetter explained that the team essentially misjudged the numbers and wanted to bring the characters closer to the state they intended for them to be in.

Meanwhile, Sona and Lux headline an extensive list of nerfs. Yetter says that the team initially felt that these two were most powerful as a pair but ultimately decided that the best way forward was to tune each of them down slightly. As such, two of Sona’s abilities are suffering damage reductions while Lux’s shield won’t be able to block quite as much damage.

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Qiyana is also set to receive a notable nerf. Her Terrashape ability’s AD ratio is being reduced by 10% while the damage of her Audacity ability has been reduced from 60-200 to 60-180. Yetter notes that this will likely seriously reduce her pick and win rates and even says that this change will undoubtedly impact the game’s upcoming championships where she was expected to be one of the most impactful characters.

On the buffs side of things, Aatrox is getting a damage boost while Gragas will enjoy a moderate raise to their armor. Kai’Sa is getting buffs to their attack damage and “E” attack speed, while Varus attack speed is being buffed and Xayah’s attack damage per level is getting a small bump. All in all, this is a far more extensive update in terms of character changes than some of the other recent League patches that we’ve recently seen.

The full patch notes are expected to be released later today alongside the patch itself, so we’ll be sure to share them with you at that time. Until then, be sure to check out some of the other things that are happening in the League of Legends universe, including an upcoming fighting game and an Action-RPG.