League of Legends 10.15 Patch Notes Include New Champion

The latest League of Legend patch notes include new skins, various balance changes, and a brand-new Champion.

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

The League of Legends 10.15 patch notes focus on the Spirit Blossom Festival and introduces a new champion named Lillia.

“The Dreaming Tree grew from a seed of the God-Willow, which towered over the ancient grove of Omikayalan,” reads a description of Lillia’s lore on the League of Legends website. “Lillia was born when one of the tree’s own dreams was captured in a bud that fell to the ground before it could bloom—something that had never happened before. Sprouting into an awkward fawn creature with the flower bud still on her head, Lillia’s only company was her mother tree, and the dreams that drifted to the garden each night.”

Gameplay-wise, Lillia boasts an interesting skillset. Her passive ability (Dream-laden Bough) applies dream dust to the target that deals damage over time to a target proportional to their maximum health. Enemies affected by that dream dust can also be targeted by Lillia’s Lilting Lullaby ability (which slows their movement speed and eventually puts them to sleep).

Most of Lillia’s other abilities focus on dealing magic damage. For instance, Blooming Blows sees her swing on a branch and deal both magic and true damage to nearby enemies (while gaining movement speed for damage dealt). Watch Out! Eep!, meanwhile, sees her deal major magic damage to enemies with those at the center of the attack suffering more damage. Finally, Swirlseed allows Lillia to throw a seed into the air that deals magic damage and slows down enemies. If the seed misses, it will keep rolling until it makes contact.

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Other Champions receiving balance updates in this patch include Aphelios, Caitlyn, Fiddlesticks, Gragas, Irelia, Lee Sin, Ornn, Rakan, Shen, Skarner, Swain, Thresh, Twisted Fate, and Yummi. The full list of changes is fairly extensive, so be sure to hop over to Riot’s patch notes page for a complete breakdown of the various buffs, nerfs, and alterations.

Champions aside, this patch is highlighted by the release of a series of new skins and chromas. You’ll be able to unlock them for yourself when this update is officially released later today.

As we noted in our breakdown of the last League of Legends patch, it’s certainly nice to see Riot Games stay consistent with these League of Legends updates. The studio has made it clear that they intend to move beyond League of Legends through the release of games like Valorant, but it’s pretty clear that League of Legends (and its various upcoming spin-offs) will remain a major part of the studio’s future.