G4TV’s” X-Play” and “Attack of the Show” Cancelled

A travesty to gamers everywhere.

According to the G4tv.com website, X-Play, the show based on video gaming and tech/geek news show Attack of the Show will air their last new episodes before the end of the year.  At the end of 2012, the struggling shows will be finished.  G4TV continues to struggle with defining their target audience, as shown by their poor ratings.  The show’s ratings dipped after gaming hottie Olivia Munn left the show and even further after Adam Sessler left.

The gaming show was well known for giving 100% honest reviews and not catering to the masses by babying reviews of blockbuster big name titles.  This is the main reason you should have been watching X-Play; most other big name video game reviewers were timid about giving their true honest opinion of major games.

I’m curious about whether or not this will affect the G4TV website, which is riddled with video game news and video game reviews–will this also change after the new year?

Instead of scrapping both shows, I would have liked to have seen G4TV make some basic changes for the shows.  One possible answer would have been to sell the rights to the show to a major network that might be able to get the show more viewers.  Another would be to change the airtime of the show.  Instead of 6:30pm, how about late at night, like 10:30pm (you know, when the true gamers are awake anyway). 

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The loss of these two shows are a travesty to gamers everywhere.  However, viewers can still enjoy the two shows for the next two months on G4TV.  Check your local listings for air times.  And if you are outraged by this decision as I am how about making G4TV hear our voices?  Let’s let them know that we’d watch these shows if they would air them at a later time.  A time when the people who are their audience (US) can watch?