Fortnite OG Loot Pool and Best Weapons

Fortnite OG's update brings back a (mostly) classic loot pool. Here are the weapons, items, and vehicles you can expect to find.

The recent Fortnite OG update takes the game back to its original state. Well…kind of. The new season update will retain a few of the mechanics that were introduced in the game over the course of recent seasons. However, it will bring back the original Fortnite map as well as the original Fortnite loot pool. Imagine modern(ish) Fortnite with the original map, weapons, items, and vehicles, and you’ll pretty much know what to expect.

Well, at least that’s ideally how things should work. The truth is that this whole update is a bit strange and surprisingly confusing to navigate from the outset. That’s especially true regarding Fortnite OG‘s loot pool. That being the case, let’s take a look at how this update’s loot pool works, what you can expect to find, and which Fortnite OG weapons are the best of the best.

When Will The Fortnite OG Loot Pool Be Updated?

The Fortnite OG update (aka the Chapter 4: Season 5 update) will be released in waves. The first wave will feature the map and loot pool from the launch version of Fortnite (or, technically, closer to the way the game was during Chapter 1: Season 5). From there, subsequent waves representing other Fortnite eras will be released at the following intervals:

November 9th – Chapter 1 Season 6 Update

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November 16th – Chapter 1 Seasons 7 and 8 Update

November 23rd – Season 1 Chapters 9 and 10 Update

So, if you expected to see a particular weapon or item in this initial update and you’re surprised it’s not there, you really just have to wait a bit longer. By the end of November, the current version of Fortnite will be where it was by the end of the game’s first full season.

To avoid any further confusion, the information above will only pertain to the known loot pool for Fortnite OG‘s launch update. As more information regarding those future updates becomes available, we’ll be sure to update the information below accordingly.

Fortnite OG Loot Pool: Every Weapon

Assault Rifle
Bolt Action Sniper
Burst Assault Rifle
Double Barrel Shotgun
Guided Missile
Hand Cannon
Heavy Assault Rifle
Heavy Sniper
Hunting Rifle
Light Machine Gun
Proximity Grenade Launcher
Pump Shotgun
Rocket Launcher
Scoped Assault Rifle
Submachine Gun
Suppressed SMG
Tactical Shotgun

Fortnite OG Loot Pool: Every Item and Trap

Boogie Bombs
Chug Splash
Damage Trap
Impulse Grenades
Mounted Turret
Shockwave Grenades
Spike Trap
Stink Grenade

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Fortnite OG Loot Pool: Every Vehicle

Shopping Cart
All Terrain Kart

Best Weapons In Fortnite OG

To the surprise of nobody, the best weapons in Fortnite OG at the moment are the Pump Shotgun, Assault Rifle, and Bolt Action Sniper Rifle.

To be clear, it seems that some of these returning weapons have been altered slightly since their debuts. None seem to quite be at the power level they were at when they utterly dominated the game, but they’re not too far off. Besides, the relative limitations of the current loot pool make them as powerful as ever.

The Pump Shotgun is probably the strongest overall weapon in Fortnite OG. Again, that probably won’t come as a surprise. That weapon was once the terror of Fortnite, and it essentially is again. Its stopping power is obviously noteworthy, but the Pump Shotgun’s range and accuracy make it far more versatile than it has any right to be. As long as you’re not trying to snipe people across the map, the Pump Action Shotgun is usually the way to go.

If you are trying to snipe people, the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle is the way to go. Actually, some people may have forgotten just how powerful this gun once was. Yes, it’s a good sniper, but it’s this gun’s ability to one-shot people at incredible distances without ever looking down the scope that made it infamous. This thing is a laser that can take down anyone who can’t escape its considerable range in record time.

The Assault Rifle effectively splits the difference between those options. It’s the ultimate utility weapon. It’s absurdly accurate and strangely effective at distances that it probably shouldn’t be. While the Pump Action and Bolt Action will probably win the fight in certain circumstances, the beauty of the Assault Rifle is that it’s pretty much situation-proof. If any gun is going to remind people of how bizarre that initial Fortnite loot pool was, it might be this one.

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Mind you, many of the original Fortnite weapons suffered from…questionable balance decisions. Many of the returning weapons will be viable this season, especially if you’re playing in build mode and need some explosives to take down structures. This update doesn’t seem especially concerned with balance, so enjoy the chaos while you can.