E3 2020 Conference: Game Publisher List Leaked

E3 2020 will be attended by most major publishers, but a few names are missing from the initial list

The official E3 website has seemingly confirmed (in a roundabout way) the initial list of publishers who will be present at E3 2020. 

A ResetEra user spotted a URL that seems to contain the information that will be uploaded to the eventual E3 2020 website. While the site is now set to private following its discovery, it was viewable to the public for a brief period of time. Once the information it contains is made official, we will update this article to reflect that. 

For now, though, we seemingly know that the following publishers will be exhibiting at E3 2020:

Activision Publishing, Inc.Amazon Game StudiosBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.BethesdaCapcom USA, Inc.Epic Games Inc.Kalypso Media GroupNCSOFTRDS Industries Inc.SEGASquare Enix, Inc.Take-TwoTENCENTTHQ NordicUbisoft Entertainment SAUnnamedVR by ParacosmaWarner Bros Interactive EntertainmentXSEED Games

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Before we dive into that list, let’s talk about some of the names that are not on it. As we previously reported, PlayStation will not be attending E3 2020 just as they did not attend E3 2019. Nintendo is also not on this list as they have elected to release a special Nintendo Direct around the time of E3. However, they typically have some kind of physical presence at the show.

Interestingly, Microsoft is also not on this version of the list. Considering that they have already confirmed they will be at E3 2020, we imagine that this early list is either incomplete or otherwise not intended to reflect every publisher that will be present at the show. It’s also possible that it’s meant to reflect third-party studios, but that seems unlikely. 

As for the studios that are listed in the initial version of the list, there really aren’t many surprises. Amazon Game Studios appears to be ready to showcase their MMO New World, and we imagine they’ll be bringing some other games to the show as well. Bethesda seems to be gearing up for another special showcase that we imagine might actually offer fresh details about Starfield and maybe even The Elder Scrolls VI. Warner Bros. will also be in attendance, so be sure to get your hopes up for that long-rumored new Batman title

We’ll certainly be bringing you more information about E3 2020 as that becomes available, but this early information hints that most of the expected major players will be at the show despite reports that the ESA is considering major changes to E3 that could end up drastically altering the nature of the show and possibly even spelling the “death” of the E3 that was

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