Watch Dr DisRespect and TimTheTatman Play Call of Duty: Warzone on YouTube

TimTheTatman and Dr DisRespect will join forces once again on YouTube Gaming today.

TimTheTatman and Dr DisRespect
Photo: Twitch, YouTube

The Twitch streamer exodus continues. Just days after pro gamer and streamer DrLupo signed an exclusivity deal with YouTube Gaming, another big name on Twitch has followed suit: Timothy John Betar, better known as TimTheTatman, will stream exclusively on YouTube starting today.

“I know it’s going to be a change and there are people that don’t like change,” Betar told Business Insider after the move was announced. “[But] sometimes change ends up being a better thing.”

Betar explained that the deal would allow him to be more flexible with his streaming content, saying that joining YouTube would allow him to spend more time with his family. He will also launch a secondary YouTube channel for edited videos, while his main channel will host his live streams and VODs of those broadcasts.

“Before I was doing YouTube at all, I was a streamer, and that’s what I’m comfortable with,” Betar said. “So what we’re going to do, rather than having specific edited videos, this is where my streams are going to live forever.”

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While some Twitch viewers will undoubtedly mourn the departure of one of their favorite streamers on the planet, to others, Betar’s deal with YouTube is cause for celebration. After all, it means that TimTheTatman and Dr DisRespect, another very popular (and controversial) streaming personality who made YouTube his home after being booted from Twitch last year, are together once again. This means the return of the slightly toxic but uber-skilled (sweaty) Call of Duty: Warzone streams the duo were known for on Twitch. Dr DisRespect’s banning from the platform has made it impossible for the two streamers to play together for the past year, at least while on camera.

But now that they’re both on YouTube, the duo is wasting no time to team up once again. Betar will kick off his very first stream today by playing games with Dr DisRespect, DrLupo, and CouRage, another streamer who recently made the jump from Twitch. The stream will be an opportunity for YouTube Gaming to showcase all of their new acquisitions, while also letting Tim and Doc reunite. Betar hasn’t confirmed that he and Dr DisRespect will be playing Warzone specifically, but a battle royale game seems like a safe bet.

His first stream is happening today at 11 am ET. You can watch him play with all of YouTube Gaming’s newest stars in the stream below: