Diablo Immortal: Every Class Ranked Worst to Best

If you just can't decide which class to play in Diablo Immortal, these character rankings should help you make a difficult decision.

Diablo Immortal
Photo: Activision Blizzard

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Despite being available for mobile devices and despite embracing some MMOARPG ideas seen in games like Lost Ark, Diablo Immortal is still a Diablo game in many of the ways that matter most. That means that you’ll start the game by picking which of the game’s six classes you want to play as, and it also means that your choice of character class will end up impacting the rest of your experience in several ways.

As is the case with most RPGs, Diablo Immortal‘s classes are designed to be as fairly balanced as possible. There is no class in the game that is so powerful that they make every other class look bad by comparison. Every class excels in different aspects of the game, and every Diablo Immortal player’s personal skills, preferences, and needs will help determine what they ultimately get out of a class. For instance, a dedicated PvP player will probably end up loving the Monk class more than someone who plans on playing through the game’s campaign content alone.

So what’s the point of ranking the game’s classes? Well, it’s really best to treat most ranking of the game’s character classes as a deeper look at what each class is like and what they do (or don’t) bring to the table. Above all else, these rankings are designed to help indecisive players choose a class.

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However, the biggest determining factor in these specific rankings was quite simply how well each of the game’s classes performs in every major aspect of the game (solo play, group-based PvE content, and PvP). The easier it is to pick a class and contribute something to every aspect of the game, the higher that class ranks on this list. At the same time, those who intend to focus on one aspect of the game above all others will want to take that into consideration when considering a class’ strengths and weaknesses.

With that out of the way, here’s a look at where Diablo Immortal‘s six character classes currently stand.

6. Wizard – A Fragile Spell Slinger That Can Tear Through Groups of Lesser Enemies

In a game where every class has a lot to offer, this bottom spot in these rankings should be reserved for the class that simply excels at the fewest aspects of the game. Unfortunately, that class is almost certainly the Wizard. 

In terms of pure damage, nobody can ignore the Wizard’s capabilities. Diablo Immortal’s resident spell slinger is capable of consistently dishing out a series of devastating magical attacks from a relatively safe range. Even better, Wizards offer some of the best AOE abilities in the game. Diablo Immortal often tasks you with taking down as many enemies as possible as quickly as possible, and there are few classes better equipped to do just that than Wizards. They wield an incredible variety of abilities that allow them to tear through waves of enemies like few other classes can dream of. 

Unfortunately, Wizards really emphasize the “glass” part of the “glass cannon” strategy. For as powerful as they are, even high-level Wizards can struggle to survive more than a few well-placed hits. While they’re blessed with some powerful evasive abilities and a couple of defensive skills, Wizard players are going to have to learn to love reading a battlefield and managing their cooldowns if they’re going to get the most out of the class.

The biggest problem there is that Wizards suffer from some of the longest skill cooldowns in Diablo Immortal. Not only does that mean that they’ll occasionally be left without access to a valuable evasive/defensive skill in a bad moment, but they also sometimes need to wait for their combo attacks to refresh so they can maximize their damage output. That last part really becomes an issue during group content boss fights where Wizards may lag behind in single-target damage. Because they also lack the group buff skills some other classes enjoy, that means that there will be times when they won’t be doing much of anything.

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Generally speaking, Wizards are a high-skill class that you’ll really need to master in order to get the most out of them. While that’s not necessarily a problem, I’m not yet convinced that their obvious potential makes up for some of their other issues.

5. Monk – An Agile and Complicated Class That Balances Support and Damage

This is where the rankings start to get really tough. However, if the general idea of these rankings is to identify classes that have the most to offer in the most aspects of the game, then it must be said that there are a few things currently keeping Monks from the top of most tier lists. 

Much like Wizards, Monks can’t exactly take a lot of damage. They’re not quite as bad as Wizards in that department, but their lack of natural defenses is certainly noticeable. Given that they’re primarily a melee class, that can certainly become a problem fairly quickly. Fortunately, Monks are also blessed with a number of evasive/defensive abilities that allow them to avoid taking excessive damage in a variety of situations. 

Monks are also a fairly difficult class to master. They’re largely dependent on combo attacks and perfectly timed abilities that often require you to “aim” the direction of your skills. Unfortunately, even the best Monk players are going to struggle to do significant single-target damage with this class. Their AOE abilities are deceptively strong, but they’re not quite as good as what some other classes bring to the table.

Fortunately, Monks make up for many of those shortcomings with their top-tier group content abilities and PvP skills.

Simply put, nearly every Diablo Immortal group will want to have a Monk in it. A Monk’s various shields are usually good enough to keep most parties alive during even the toughest fights. A great Monk player will be able to weave in and out of a fight while protecting their teammates, dealing respectable amounts of damage, and occasionally using valuable stun abilities on key enemy targets. Those same skills also make them one of the best PvP classes in the game. 

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Anyone looking for the smoothest solo play experience possible should probably avoid picking a Monk. However, their versatility and high-end potential in both PvE and PvP make it relatively easy to justify learning this somewhat complicated class. 

4. Necromancer – A Sometimes Difficult to Master Summoning Class That is Perfect For Solo Players

I’m really torn on how to rank the Necromancer class. They’re one of those strange RPG classes that tend to bounce between “ridiculously overpowered” and “a liability.” That’s ultimately why they fall closer to the middle of these rankings.

First off, you should know that Necromancers may be the best solo class in the game. Necromancers will be able to clear the early stages of Diablo Immortal with almost comical ease. Their ability to summon minions to “tank” damage for them means that they often get to hang back and unleash a devastating series of AoE and single-target attacks. If you’re the kind of player who loves “pet” classes in other RPGs, this is most certainly the class for you. 

Honestly, Necromancers are also pretty powerful in group content as well. They bring a couple of valuable buffs to the party, their minions can absorb extra damage, and they’re capable of toping the DPS charts in many fights. So far as that goes, it doesn’t hurt that they benefit from one of the most powerful Ultimate abilities in the game. The way a Necromancer can transition so smoothly from early solo play to late-game group content undeniably makes them an appealing option. 

So why wouldn’t you play as a Necromancer? Well, there are a couple of things that hold them back in potentially significant ways. 

First off, Necromancers are a frustratingly immobile class. While their lack of evasive abilities can often be offset by their minions’ contributions to a fight, it’s not always easy to manage a Necromancer’s minion-based abilities during the heat of a battle. For that matter, it’s not always easy to summon enough minions in the first place to maximize their output. They’re also a “feast or famine” class in PvP scenarios. Their various stun abilities are undeniably valuable in PvP scenarios, but Necromancers’ mobility issues and resource dependant playstyle can hold them back in PvP scenarios. 

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Put it all together, and you’ve got a fantastic DPS class that excels during solo play, is typically valuable in a group, and can be difficult to master in PvP. Their late-game potential is there, but there are other classes that have just a little more to offer at all stages of the game. 

3. Demon Hunter – A Pure DPS Class That Is Capable of Dealing Incredible Amounts of Ranged Damage

If you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground, you’ve probably heard that Demon Hunters are the most “powerful” class in Diablo Immortal. In terms of their pure DPS abilities…well, that’s not entirely inaccurate. 

Simply put, Demon Hunters are the best single-target DPS class in the game by some distance. Actually, “distance” is kind of the keyword there. A Demon Hunter’s ability to operate so effectively at longer ranges means that they’re often able to hang back and just tear through otherwise occupied enemies. That makes them nearly irreplaceable as damage dealers in group content. Pair a Demon Hunter with a tank class, and you’re laughing your way through a lot of content. 

While Demon Hunters lack the AOE abilities that many other classes are blessed with, their ability to deal so much damage while staying mobile usually makes up for that shortcoming. You’re going to be killing things so quickly as a Demon Hunter that you’ll likely never notice you’re missing out on some of the abilities that other classes have access to. 

In terms of drawbacks…well, there aren’t many. Demon Hunters are relatively fragile, but they’re quick enough to avoid a lot of incoming damage. They don’t offer any group buffs, but they’re so valuable during boss fights as damage dealers that they tend to make up for it. You should also know that there will be times when Demon Hunters bite off more than they can chew during solo play. Again, their raw damage output usually makes up for that shortcoming, but they’re definitely on the squishier side.

PvP is probably Demon Hunter’s biggest weakness at the moment. A great Demon Hunter player can certainly cause havoc in PvP, but Demon Hunters lack the CC skills, buffs, and defensive abilities that so often come in handy during competitive play. 

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Ultimately, Demon Hunters do one thing better than pretty much every other class, and that’s melt through their current target in record time. As it turns out, that’s a pretty valuable skill to have. 

2. Barbarian – A Melee Bersker That Is Perfect For New Players

To get right to the heart of the matter, Barbarians are the Diablo Immortal class you should probably pick if you don’t have any particular playstyle preference and are just looking for the smoothest experience possible. 

Much like New York’s hottest club, Barbarians have everything. Their AOE abilities are among the best in the game, they bring some valuable skills to group play, their stun abilities can turn the tide of a lot of fights, and they’re shockingly mobile. Do you ever dream of picking up two axes, jumping into a group of enemies, and tearing through them like a tornado? The Barbarian does all of that with relative ease. 

Indeed, it’s the “ease” of playing as a Barbarian that makes this class so special. You’ll understand the basics of how to play as a Barbarian relatively early on, and you’ll be able to effectively carry that strategy over to late-game solo content, group play, and even PvP matches. This isn’t a braindead class by any means (great Barbarian players are significantly better than good ones), but Barbarians are a class that most players will be able to find some success wiht in every aspect of the game.  

So what’s the catch? Well, Barbarians certainly take a lot of damage due to their pure melee playstyle. They’re tough and agile enough to ignore a lot of potential pain, but you’re definitely going to be eating quite a few blows as a Barbarian. They also struggle with single-target damage (especially during late-game content), and their longer cooldowns are something you’ll need to manage. 

Ultimately, though, it’s just so easy to recommend Barbarians to so many different types of players. It’s just hard to go wrong with this class. 

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1. Crusader – A Pure Tank That Benefits From Incredible AOE Abilities and Powerful Group Buffs

If the best way to fairly rank Diablo Immortal’s classes is to prioritize the value of classes that have the most to offer in the most situations, then there is certainly a compelling case to be made that Crusaders are currently the best class in the game. 

For the most part, it’s best to think of Crusaders as tanks. They boast the largest base health pool in the game, and many of their skills are designed to allow them to brush off additional damage. They’re even able to mount a horse and escape the rare situations they can’t simply tank their way through. If you’re looking for a solo play class that will maximize your chances of simply staying alive, then Crusaders may just be the class for you. 

Yet, Crusaders do so much more than just eat damage. Their AOE abilities are some of the best in Diablo Immortal, and they have the stuns and stalls needed to be a menace in PvP encounters. As for group play…well, the Crusader is almost unrivaled in that particular category. Crusaders are tough enough to lead any party, and their group buffs often turn good teams into great ones. You don’t technically need a Crusader for Diablo Immortal’s group content, but you will notice when one is missing.

To be fair, Crusaders are not ideal single-target damage dealers, and they will need to occasionally suffer through some longer-than-usual cooldown times. At the risk of dismissing the impact of those drawbacks, though, I will say that Crusaders’ other assets mean that they’re still able to handle most solo content bosses with relative ease. By the time you get into group play, nobody is going to expect a Crusader to top the single-target damage charts in the first place. 

At the end of the day, Crusaders just have so much to offer in so many different aspects of the game. Unless you like a particular class’ playstyle more or want to do as much single-target damage as possible, you’ll probably find something about this class to love. 

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