Diablo Immortal: How to Find and Complete Demon Gates

Diablo Immortal's Demon Gates offer a good way to earn some extra loot, but there are a few things you need to know about them.

Diablo Immortal
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Stick with Diablo Immortal long enough, and you’ll eventually come to depend on a variety of events and activities to keep the XP and loot flowing. That’s where Demon Gates come into play.

While they’re one of the last major activities you’ll encounter in Diablo Immortal, Demon Gates can be a surprisingly helpful tool for progressing your character during the otherwise slow leveling processes of Immortal‘s late game. You won’t be able to solely rely on them during that tricky portion of the Immortal experience, but they’re an excellent tool for those desperate for some rare resources.

Here’s what you need to know about Demon Gates and what makes them a valuable late-game tool.

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Diablo Immortal: What Are Demon Gates?

Demon Gates are special portals located in Diablo Immortal‘s Realm of Damnation zone. Narratively, they’re portals that Skarn uses to summon demonic forces to the realm. That’s not good.

Functionally, Demon Gates are essentially Zone Events. Like other Zone Events in the game, they’re special adventures that are typically triggered by a timer or player action. Upon completing a Zone Event’s objective, you will receive a variety of set and random rewards. Indeed, Zone Events are one of the best ways to rare (and always valuable) items like Enchanted Dust.

The objective of the Demon Gates events is simply to enter the gates, clear out waves of enemies, and complete a few simple tasks within a time limit. The original blog post about these events suggested they needed to be completed in parties of three, though it does seem like you may be able to actually enter them solo. It’s not clear if those solo runs are the result of a miscommunication, a bug, or if they’re simply the result of those events functioning as intended. We’ll try to clarify that point if more information becomes available.

While Demon Gates are functionally pretty basic so far as Diablo Immortal‘s Zone Events go, there are a few things that separate them from other events that you should probably know about.

Diablo Immortal: How to Find Demon Gates

The worst thing about Demon Gates is that their appearances seem to be totally random. They’ll just pop up a few times a day at random locations and seemingly random times. While it seems logical that they’re actually based on a timer that players may eventually figure out, there currently seems to be no rhyme or reason behind their spawn times and exact locations. If someone does crack that code, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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The good news is that they’re still pretty easy to access. You should receive a notification whenever a gate spawns near you while you’re roaming around the Realm of Damnation zone. Granted, that means you’ll need to reach that zone (which is the last major zone in the game) to complete the Demon Gates events, but they’re still pretty painless compared to more involved Zone Events.

Again, though, the worst thing about Demon Gates is the fact that you can’t just force them to spawn like you can with other Zone Events that work off objectives or timers. While it’s nice to have an event that doesn’t necessarily require you to set a timer and play at a certain time of day, that randomness means that you just might miss out on them from time to time.

Diablo Immortal: What Rewards Do You Get From Demon Gates?

The good news is that Demon Gates seem to be one of those Zone Events that can reward you with Enchanted Dust. The bad news is that the rest of the rewards you get from completing the events appear to be largely random. Like most events in the game, completing Demon Gates seems to be a pretty good way of increasing your odds of acquiring high-value gear, but there don’t seem to be any specific drops limited to these events.

Interestingly, though, you can earn bonus rewards for completing three Demon Gates events in a single day. Now, that’s easier said than done given the random nature of those events (and there’s no guarantee of what your bonus reward will be), but Demon Gates do appear to be one of the more profitable Zone Events in the game. While you might have a little better luck sticking to the Haunted Carriage, Kulle’s Hidden Chamber, and Ancient Nightmare events due to their reward consistency and slightly more reliable spawn times, Demon Gates are certainly a good way to go if you’re hanging out in the Realm of Damnation anyway.