Diablo Immortal: When Can You Change Your Class and Appearance?

Diablo Immortal will allow you to change your appearance and class, but you'll have to wait a little longer to access that feature.

Diablo Immortal
Photo: Activision Blizzard

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The Diablo franchise has always let players choose between a vareity of classes, but once you’ve chosen your starter class, the games usually lock you into your selections until you decide to start over. Diablo Immortal tries something a little different.

When players start Diablo Immortal, they can pick from several classic classes, including the brutal Barbarian, noble Crusader, and the edgy Demon Hunter. Plus, more are on the way if leaks are to be believed. After players choose their class, they’ll even be able to tweak the character’s appearance, from their eye color to their chin length. That’s a first for the series, and it’s a pretty welcome addition.

But what if you start to think that you’ve made a bit mistake when picking your class and even your character’s appearance? What if you don’t like the Monk’s skills or realize the character creator screen misrepresented a hair color? Should you just start over? Well, you can, but you should know that Diablo Immortal lets players fix these issues without starting fresh. Well, at least the game will in the near future.

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As of writing this article, players cannot change their character’s class or appearance in Diablo Immortal, but Blizzard promised the feature will be patched into the game “shortly after” launch. According to this blog post, players can soon change their class in Westmarch, likely through a new NPC. Since some appearance options are linked to classes, players will also get to resculpt their character’s face and select a different gender when they use the feature. While Blizzard hasn’t said anything about altering a character’s appearance without changing classes, players can presumably use the class change system to create a new face by selecting the same class and gender. We’re still waiting on a few of the final details, though.

Since a lot of equipment is class-exclusive, changing classes will render a character’s existing gear worthless (Barbarians aren’t exactly known for their skill with magic staffs). However, Diablo Immortal players won’t have to worry about the potential battle efficiency fallout. Anyone who uses the game’s class change feature will receive a new set of appropriate equipment, plus they will still keep their old items and stash. Furthermore, players will retain all Horadric Vessel and Helliquary progress.

The only exceptions to that feature are class-specific Legendary items. Players will lose those when they change classes, so they need to decide if hunting for new rare loot is worth the effort. On the bright side, players who realize they preferred their old classes and appearances can use the feature to revert the changes, which will also let them reequip their lost Legendary items.

If gamers would rather look cool instead of just altering the shape of their character’s nose, they can always use cosmetics. These items function the same way they do in other games and deck out a character in awe-inspiring outfits and can be activated in the Cosmetics section of the character’s Inventory page. However, each set of cosmetics is, well, a set. If players want to transplant the helmet of one cosmetic set onto the shoulder pads of another, they’re out of luck. Also, cosmetics are primarily available through the cash shop and Battle Pass, but that’s one of the prices of a modern free-to-play game.