Best PC Games Releasing in June 2023 on Fanatical

All the latest and greatest games you'll find on Fanatical this month!

Street Fighter 6
Photo: Capcom

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With May left behind, whether you fought off vampires or spent your time in Hyrule, it’s time to start looking at all of the June releases coming out! Here are the six PC games coming to Fanatical this month with some great preorder discounts.

Street Fighter VI

The latest entry to the beloved Street Fighter series — Street Fighter 6 — is coming out very soon. This time around, players can look forward to redesigns, new control types, and even real-time commentary to keep the hype turned up to high during the fights. And for newcomers that might be on the fence, there’s even a demo available.

Additionally, you’ll be able to create your very own avatar this time around, which you take with you whether you want to jump into the single-player story mode or play against others in some classic arcade-style games. So get your fists ready to learn from the Masters, perfect your technique, and visit the Battle Hub, where you can meet up with all the other Street Fighter fans.

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Save 15% of Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate Editions as well as pre order bonuses.

Parks Beyond

Park Beyond is an upcoming colourful simulation game that encourages creativity, wackiness, and fun as you build your very own amusement park from the ground up. Manage everything from decor to keeping your guests happy, and if you get tired of that, feel free to jump into Sandbox Mode.

Take control and become the next Walt Disney as you terraform, decorate, build, and customise a park only possible in dreams. From placing down paths to using countless props to decorate — push your imagination to its limits.

Save 15% of Standard and Visioneer Editions as well as pre order bonuses.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom

A new expansion is coming to the Elder Scrolls franchise’s MMORPG, Elder Scrolls Online, and this time around, we’ll get to uncover the forbidden secrets of Apocrypha. Get ready to embark on an adventure from the Telvanni Peninsula, home of colossal mushrooms and arcane magic, all the way to the cosmic realms of the Prince of Fate in Necrom.

We’ll get to experience this new land and all of its secrets through the newest class: the Arcanist. Using the forbidden knowledge of Hermaeus Mora, this class can cause an insane amount of destruction whilst also wielding restorative and defensive magic; channel the ancient runes and lost tomes of power to become a force to be reckoned with.

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Save 15% of Standard and Deluxe Editions as well as pre order bonuses.

Aliens: Dark Descent

Get ready to jump into some alien-slaughtering action in Aliens: Dark Descent, as this upcoming RTS title will put you in the shoes of a commander as you lead a squad of hardened Colonial Marines up against the terrifying Xenomorph threat!

Create your own squad by choosing from a variety of classes, take them into battle, and then level up and specialise your best soldiers. But choosing the best abilities and weapons won’t be enough, as you’ll need to build safe zones, find the best shortcuts, and maximise your strategy in this perma-death title! Every action you make will impact the levels forever.

Save 18% on preorder and also receive bonus content.


Breaking the pattern of dangerous enemies and treacherous lands, we have Dordogne, a wholesome narrative game where you’ll embark on a journey into Mimi’s childhood memories. Watch her precious recollections unfurl her family’s past as she explores the times shared with her late grandmother. 

Whilst you dive into the past, you’ll explore the beautiful hand-painted watercolour landscapes and collect photos, sounds, and scents that you’ll gather in a journal to piece everything together. This emotional adventure will take you through more than just gorgeous panoramas, as you’ll come out the other side with a deep emotional connection to this touching story.

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Available to preorder at 17% off

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

And last but not least, fans of the original Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective can look forward to the upcoming HD remaster. Step into the shoes of Sissel once more as he wakes up after being murdered and embarks on a journey to uncover the mystery behind his own death. Using the powers of the dead by possessing objects and rewinding time, and with the help of the detective that witnessed the shooting, he’ll uncover piece by piece what truly happened and why.

This colourful puzzle title directed by Shu Takumi, creator of the Ace Attorney franchise, is a beloved classic chock-full of charming characters, quirky humour, and head-scratching challenges that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. Whether you’re a newcomer or a returning fan, you’ll find tons to love in Ghost Trick.

Available to preorder at 16% off