The Best Phone Holder for the 2022 Holiday Season from Primens

Phone mounts make great holiday gifts, but one offering from Primens offers some unique capabilities worth checking out.

This article is sponsored by Primens.

In this holy — and many times unholy — time period known as the 21st century, we homo-sapiens tend to use our phones quite a bit. You probably can’t help but use it now as you’re reading this, which is okay! Have fun! But as a result, it’s important to make sure you take advantage of your phone in every possible way.

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One of those ways, glad you asked, is through this phone holder from Primens. It’s nifty, squeaky clean, and the type of thing you don’t realize how much you need until someone brings it up. Or, more tragically, when you accidentally drop your phone on your face while laying in bed; there’s no shame there, we’ve all done it. But instead of hammering down the nerdy details, let’s have some fun and talk about 5 unique ways the holder comes in the most handy.

Recording Those Hip and Cool Tik Toks

This holiday season, ignore all those naysayers that say you can’t be cool or have fun recording your silly little TikTok dances. With the phone holder, you can set up your cellular device perfectly to capture whatever video you need without any hassle. 

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As you and perhaps your family gather around this winter and decide to take a risk — the risk that Kevin Bacon taught us about all those years ago — and dance along to whatever Christmas song you choose (e.g. Mariah Carey if you’re into the classics, Christmas in Hollis if you’re cool). 

Plus, generally speaking, you can do more than just dances and come up with all sorts of creative ideas that are made easier when you don’t have to worry about your phone crashing down to the floor.

Binge-Read Through Your Favorite Comic Books

Look, this website is literally dedicated to being a den for geeks, so you have to include something incredibly geeky on here. If you want some maximum comfort while reading about the adventures of The Immortal X-Men, Spider-Man battling against his ACTUAL greatest villains, or the unlikely yet glorious crossover between Batman and Spawn, this is a must-have. 

As mentioned early, sometimes when you’re laying down and using your phone, you drop it! That’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it can easily be avoided with the holder. Setting it up next to a nice light, making it infinitely more comfortable to read your beloved characters go on their next adventures before you call it a day… what’s not to like here?

Gaming, Baby.

It can be a tough time for mobile gaming. Constantly having to tilt your phone, find the right lighting, and just plainly getting tired of holding your device in a specific way. For long periods of gaming, you need ease and comfort. So, you can set up this bad boy wherever you want and, as a result of no longer having to adjust, you can hook up an actual controller for your device!

Outdoor Lounging and Hanging

Just thinking about the possibilities here feels like a smooth brush is combing my brain. Whenever you’re outside and, say, not near a TV, it can be frustrating to find the right spot to put your phone. Plus, with how adjustable the holder is, you can make it easier for multiple folks to enjoy whatever is on display. Or, my personal favorite, the glory of lying in an outdoor rocking chair or hammock! Doesn’t that sound lovely?

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Just keep calm and (phone holder) carry on. 

Watching March Madness During Work

Mwhahahaha! That’s right, we all do it, and you know you love it. But it can be difficult to have multiple tabs open with one of your Four Teams on the verge of elimination by a school you’ve never heard of while ALSO trying to be productive. The phone holder, thankfully, is here to help you out! 

Whether it be while you’re on a conference call or filling out info on a spreadsheet, it’s nice to have a second screen that you can adjust accordingly with your cellular device.