Roman Reigns Character Couldn’t Be More Tone Deaf

In what's become a weekly saga with Reigns, he continues to miss on Raw ...

There’s no getting around it at this point, and we’ve beaten the point to death. Roman Reigns is a heel wearing the clothes of a babyface. His actions certainly don’t tell you he’s some type of heroic figure. It’s almost always the polar opposite.

See last night’s Monday Night Raw.

Reigns opened last night’s show with a promo talking about how his team from last week — he teamed with Bobby Lashley — lost a tag-team match to The Revival.

First, Reigns said he wasn’t going to make any excuses. Then, in the very next sentence, he proceeded to make excuses.

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The first excuse was that he had “the worst partner ever” in Bobby Lashley. So “without making an excuse” Reigns gave you an excuse in his very next breath.

Then he so arrogantly said he “never, ever in my career did I think I’d say that I would lose to The Revival.”

Sure, The Revival is a heel tag team. But Reigns sounded like he was disgusted to even be in the same ring as the team. It wasn’t just that he lost a match, it was the fact that he was forced to be in the ring with a team that was so beneath him. That’s how he emoted, and it’s how the promo played on television.

Then he got back to Lashley, but kept calling him “Bob.”

Excuse me?

Calling a babyface by a name they don’t go by, in such a demeaning way, is such a heel move. When has Bobby Lashley ever gone by “Bob?” Never. Reigns, again, wanted you to know that Lashley was beneath him, and he has no respect for him.

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Later in the night Reigns wrestled, and whether he was in the ring during his match, making his way to the ring during his entrance or even when he was delivering that promo, he couldn’t look less happy. And I don’t mean in the sense that he lost a match last week, and he was out looking for revenge. I mean in the sense that he didn’t look like he wanted to be there.

Roman, I think I speak for most fans when I say, go home. If you’re that unhappy, if you’re that miserable, just go ahead and do something else. Become a bounty hunter, or something. Go do literally anything else. You’re not happy. We’re not happy. Let’s put this character (and the last five years) out to pasture.