Link Tank: Why The Legend of Korra Should’ve Had More Episodes

The Legend of Korra, sisterhood in Agents of SHIELD, Microsoft retiring Internet Explorer, and more in today's Link Tank!

The Legend of Korra

As The Legend of Korra hits Netflix, let’s examine how the Avatar sequel could have been better had it had longer seasons.

“The finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender, definitive and cohesive as it was, providing an end to a villainous regime as its protagonist finally reached his full potential, did offer up one question: Where do we go from here? A war that lasted a century, eradicated an entire culture, decimated another, and subjugated a third would leave its victors and survivors looking for answers and blame, and the world they lived in would never be the same as it once was.”

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Get your wallets ready. French toast Girl Scout cookies are coming in 2021.

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“In case you need an excuse to eat cookies first thing in the morning, the Girl Scouts of the USA are giving you one. As CNN reports, the organization is adding new breakfast-inspired French toast treats to its cookie lineup in 2021.”

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The portrayal of sisterhood in Agents of SHIELD is better than anything the Marvel movies managed so far.

“In April 2019, what now feels like decades ago, I sat in a packed theater for an advanced screening of Avengers: Endgame. During the climax of the film, as the Avengers assembled from Doctor Strange’s portals, my partner leaned over to me and whispered, ‘There’s one more.’ Who he meant became clear about 10 minutes later as Captain Marvel gutted Thanos’ ship using her binary powers to simply blast through it. But as much as I adore Carol Danvers, the Marvel Cinematic Universe fangirl in me was hoping for another heroine and her team to show up.”

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Consistent with the rest of this horrible year, Drunk History is canceled by Comedy Central after six seasons.

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“One of the funniest shows remaining on Comedy Central is coming to an end, with the tragic news from Deadline that the historical comedy show Drunk History will not be renewed, and season seven is likely to be scrapped.”

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A new study looking into whether marijuana can help with depression is finding some “concerning” trends.

“The list of reasons why people use marijuana is long, including but not limited to, wanting to feel a euphoric high, decompress from a long day’s work, alleviate pain, socialize, or get to sleep. Certain groups — about 25 percent of people with anxiety or mood disorders – use marijuana to self-medicate mental health symptoms.”

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Internet Explorer isn’t dead yet, but Microsoft is set on retiring the browser by pulling support.

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“Surprisingly, Internet Explorer 11 isn’t dead yet. But Microsoft is trying to phase it out. On Monday, the company announced that Microsoft 365 office applications will eventually no longer run over the old browser. Redmond will begin sunsetting support starting on Nov. 30 with the Microsoft Teams app, the company’s video conferencing and chat solution. All remaining Microsoft 365 support will then be terminated a year from now, on August 17, 2021.”

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