Link Tank: The Return of Family Movie Nights During Quarantine

Family movie nights, the first rule of fanfiction, how to avoid burnout while working from home, and more in today's Link Tank!

Family friendly animated movies

Family movie nights are making a comeback in the pandemic quarantine.

“Every night, for the last 25 nights, my family and I have watched a movie together. When quarantine hit, we, like many, designed a color-coded schedule outlining when we would work, read, eat lunch, take a walk. By week four, most of it has fallen by the wayside, but one thing remains constant: our nightly movie.”

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Hugo Award-winning novelist N.K. Jemisin goes off on Twitter about some fanfiction etiquettes that newer generations seem to have forgotten.

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“No, the first rule of fanfiction is not ‘we don’t talk about fanfiction.’ Many writers happily discuss reading and writing fic—as evidenced by N.K. Jemisin, the three-time Hugo Award-winning novelist, describing how she still writes and reads it herself. The first rule of fanfiction is ‘you do not try and get the original creator to read your fanfiction.’ How quickly we forget our Internet history.”

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If you’re telecommuting because of the quarantine, here’s how you can avoid burnout while working from home.

“The mind is a chaotic place. Thousands of thoughts surge daily and billions of neurons fire five to 50 times every second. And now, as the global health crisis sends us indoors, anxious thoughts may be louder and more distracting than ever. We’re in survival mode, with professional and personal life melting together. Focusing at home can feel impossible.”

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There’s a trend of sites on the internet adapting dark mode. Here’s why dark mode’s overrated.

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“I’m going to preface this by saying I love dark mode. It started with my desktop Kindle app, and as soon as it was rolled out everywhere, I switched everything over to the soothing white-on-black aesthetic. My eyes rejoiced, and I too decried this mad blog calling dark mode a crutch for suckers.”

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Museums around the world are sharing the creepiest items they have in their collection on Twitter.

“Though they may not be open to visitors during the COVID-19 crisis, museums around the world are finding ways to keep busy. Earlier this month, the UK’s Yorkshire Museum challenged museums on Twitter to share the creepiest objects in their collections.”

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Google Meet’s newest upgrade makes the video conferencing platform a lot more like Zoom.

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“Google Meet is getting an upgrade that will make the video conferencing service a little more like Zoom. On Google Meet, you can now view up to 16 participants during a video session, a substantial increase from four. The new layout also arranges everyone in a 4-by-4 tile-like layout not so different from when you engage in large meetings on Zoom.”

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