Link Tank: You Can Now Watch a Decade of Our Sun in 68 Minutes

10 years of the sun in 68 minutes, Anthony Mackie on Marvel's diversity problem, movie theaters, and more in today's Link Tank!

The Sun

The Solar Dynamics Observatory has been snapping a picture of our sun every 0.75 seconds for the past ten years, and you can now view the whole gallery in 68 minutes!

“On February 11, 2010, NASA launched a small spacecraft towards the Sun as one of the space agency’s initial efforts to understand our host star. And by now, nobody knows the Sun better than the Solar Dynamics Observatory. The spacecraft has been staring at the star non-stop for 10 years now, and snapping a picture of the Sun every 0.75 seconds.”

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Actor Anthony Mackie spoke up over Marvel Studios’ lack of diversity behind the scenes.

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“The issue concerning the lack of diversity at Marvel Studios is nothing new, but in new a conversation with Snowpiecer‘s Daveed Diggs, for Variety’s Actor on Actor, Antony Mackie, who has played the character of Sam Wilson/Falcon, talked about his frustration at the all-white crews he’s seen on set.”

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Reading a good story on the beach is timeless. Check out these six books people from a hundred years ago could enjoy by the ocean.

“Most centuries-old ‘classics’ we read today carry some lasting beauty; a deep human truth that transpires age. And many of them are painfully dry—you only read them because you want to be able to say, ‘I felt Hugo expressed more pathos for the French underclasses in Les Miserables than in The Hunchback of Notre Dame‘ at parties.”

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In this on-going conversation about race and voice acting, The Simpsons and Family Guy are recasting their black characters with black actors.

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“The animation industry is currently going through a small reckoning as it finally, finally, really, finally seems to realize that its characters of color could be voiced by actors of color just as easily as white ones. According to Entertainment Weekly, The Simpsons is the latest animated show to make the change.”

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The co-creators of Netflix’s newest hit series Dark explain how they pull off that spectacular season 3.

“Netflix’s Dark, the streaming service’s first German-language original series, follows four families in a small town who become engaged, sometimes unwittingly, in a time-traveling battle between seemingly good and evil forces. It’s a highly rewarding if not particularly easy viewing experience, being at times hilariously confusing, especially if you’re not a German speaker and are busy reading subtitles while new faces appear on screen.”

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Movie theaters have long been in financial trouble, but this pandemic is pushing cinema into a new era of uncertainty.

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“Movie theaters will need more than popcorn to persuade audiences to catch the latest blockbuster this summer, said Kelly Gilblom and Angelina Rascouet at Bloomberg. Cinemas are among the last businesses to reopen in the United States and Europe, and with good reason…”

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