Link Tank: Never Have I Ever Tells a Compelling Mother-Daughter Story

Never Have I Ever, how The Clone Wars helped the Star Wars prequels, SpaceX's movie in space, and more in today's Link Tank!

Devi in Netflix's Never Have I Ever

The relationship between Devi and Nalini in Never Have I Ever is the mother-daughter story we sorely need.

“Mindy Kaling’s projects have always been hit-or-miss for me, but when I saw the trailer for the raunchy teen comedy Never Have I Ever, I was intrigued. Little did I expect it to be an emotional roller coaster that left me bawling on my futon after the first ten episodes.”

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For those out there who can’t seem to digest the Star Wars prequels, watching The Clone Wars first may just help.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which just wrapped with its series finale on Disney+, proved itself over seven seasons to be an essential piece of the Star Wars canon — and the film saga is ultimately better for it.”

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Ever been told that you shouldn’t wash dishes during a thunderstorm? Here’s the science behind why.

“You may know to avoid taking a shower during a thunderstorm, but that’s not the only indoor activity that leaves you vulnerable to electrical shock. Washing dirty dishes can be just as dangerous when there’s thunder and lightning outside your home, according to Reader’s Digest.”

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As the days get warmer, more of us are turning to one of America’s favorite ice cream brands, Ben & Jerry’s. Here’s every flavor from them, ranked.

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“Ben & Jerry’s is an ice cream company defined by excess. The Vermont-based brand styles itself with cheeky names, hippy-dippy packaging, and a willingness to shove just about anything that is even semi-delicious into a pint cup and hope that people dig it. On my end, I was tasked with tasting all 46 available pint flavors (excluding dairy-free, and low-calorie options), and then ranking every single one.”

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Twitter is testing a “Rethink a Reply” feature to discourage toxic arguments on the platform.

“No, it isn’t an edit button. But Twitter is experimenting with a new feature to get you to stop and rethink sending out nasty tweet replies. The company appears to be designing the new feature to help tone down the toxic conversations that can erupt over the social media platform.”

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SpaceX is planning to shooting an entire movie in space, starring Tom Cruise.

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“The space-faring firm is reportedly set to shoot an entire feature-length movie in space, teaming up with famed Hollywood actor Tom Cruise for an action-adventure flick. Deadline reported Monday that the project involves NASA, currently has no studio attached and is in the very early stages.”

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